The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S.1

Class Introduction: “I’m Haruhi Suzumiya from East Junior High. First off, I’m not interested in ordinary people, but if any of you are aliens, time travelers, or espers please come see me . . that is all.”

Imagine hearing a class introduction like that. That class would suddenly become an interesting one, don’t you think? I wouldn’t mind meeting a person like that. A complete weirdo. And if that person ends up having God-like powers, the better. Yes, a school needs someone like Haruhi to help spread excitement and, you know . . peril to the world. Dangers like having the Earth disappear because miss Suzumiya was bored. Yes, things like that. School would definitely become a lot less boring.

My first impression of Haruhi was, that girl is weird. After her introduction her character’s personality spilled out a little more and she then became the type of girl I wanted to be. She was independent, straight forward, athletic, smart, unafraid, shameless, and still . . weird. But she wasn’t just weird, she was scary weird. And after that impression, my third wasn’t so pleasant. I then found her obnoxious, selfish, and way too full of energy. It was hard to keep up with her. It gave me a headache at some point. I was a lot like the narrator of the story(oh yea, the narrator is this funny guy telling Haruhi’s story and all his adventures with her and what not). I found myself complaining a lot about her, just as the narrator always does, who seemed utterly boring sometimes. I mean, if he was so bored being around Haruhi, why hang out with her? Then again, I was acting just like him, and still watched the anime. I’m one to talk. :P Of course, there was a reason which kept him from leaving. He became involved with Haruhi’s problems. Haruhi was pretty oblivious to her predicaments though. Only Kyon(the narrator) and some of Haruhi’s friends knew about them. Because all of Haruhi’s friends(more like random people she forced to join her new club, the “SOS Brigade”) were either an alien, a time traveler, or an esper. Oh and Kyon.

I’d talk about the characters and “what” Haruhi is, but that would just spoil it. Honestly, I’m still not sure what she is. The series itself is a little mysterious. I can say, that the story is pretty unique. Plus, there’s still one more season for me to go. Season 2! So I still have 14 episodes for the plot to unveil. Overall, the anime didn’t have much excitement or constant humor for my taste. I tend to enjoy more goofy, romantic, action-packed comedies, so I kind of had to bear through some of the episodes. I’m also not a big fan of moe. But despite the moe-ness, the story is unique, even though I felt it was done purposely. As if it were trying too hard to be different. It was good . . . Just not one of my top 10.

And I believe the moral of the story is(since it was about Haruhi seeking more excitement with aliens, time travelers, or espers) that being human and happening to live on Earth could be just as special and exciting. You never know. There could be some alien in some distant star or planet, thinking the same thing, “I am not interested in ordinary *insert outer world race,* but if you’re an alien, a time traveler, or an esper . . . please come see me. That is all.”


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