Black★Rock Shooter (OVA!!)

Black ★ Rock Shooter is an OVA adaptation based on Supercell’s song of the same title. It was released on July 24, 2010. Black Rock Shooter focuses around a mysterious young girl, with black hair and a burning blue eye . . . let’s not forget the huge fire cannon! Her story is interspersed with the life of another young girl named Kuroi Mato. Yes, I am a year late.

When I first heard of this OVA, I was like “What?! A girl with pigtails, a blue eye, and dangerous weapons?!! Of course I’m gonna watch it!” So I did. What I didn’t expect was . .


I was like WTF! What are these little girls doing in this video? They can get seriously injured. Did they not know this anime was about a mysterious young girl with a burning blue eye and huge cannons!? It’s dangerous! Sigh. What’s the use? The Japanese come up with some crazy shit. I guess Black Rock Shooter is there to fight off the darkness that’s inside every innocent girl . .

Kuroi, Mato (in the middle) befriends Takanashi, Yomi (on the right) and build up to become the best of friends. They have classes together, they hang out together, they walk together, they do everything together! But as a new school year begins, they end up in different classes and start to slowly grow apart. Meanwhile, Kuroi makes a new friend; Koutari, Yuu (on the left). And even though Kuroi hasn’t stopped being Yomi’s friend, Yomi feels out of place. Her jealousy gets the best of her and becomes who we now know as . . Dead Master.

Don’t give me that look Yomi. It gives me the creeps.

So basically, she gets a little jealous . . and decides to kill Kuroi?! Nonsense! I’ve had friend troubles for years now and have not once developed cool cannons or scythes what-so-ever!

Violence . . the only way we can settle this problem . . .

“I liked him first!!”

It’s a good thing they work it out . . .

“Rock, Paper, Scissors…I win. No hard feelings.”

Overall, the concept is sweet. Kuroi’s will to save her best friend was nice. Oh the power of friendship! Would you do that for your friends??? My friends are worth the trouble, I guess. Plus, I get a cool cannon, he he.

And if you don’t know what to do next, show more images:
That’s it! Middle school girls are dangerous. Note to self: do not associate.

Come with me . . .

NO! There’s something suspicious about your lack of facial expressions.

Who’s this?
Doesn’t she look familiar?

Another jealous freak?! You must be a super awesome friend to have Kuroi, Mato. I am so jealous.
GASP! Does this mean I’ll get a dangerous weapon? XD


2 thoughts on “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA!!)

  1. Well, the director, Yutaka Yamamoto, formally worked on Lucky Star eps 1 -4, so that explains the slice-of-life-ness. Good news is, a TV series is in the works for 2012, so hopefully we'll be given a deeper story. Nice screencaps! I really love my waifu, expressionless face and all. xD

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