Kimi to Boku 01: First Impressions

Kimi To Boku, an anime about boys, doesn’t sound too bad.

It was interesting to see a unique anime about boys and friendship. It turned out to be rather different than I anticipated though. I’m not familiar with the mangas, so I thought it was a story about boys acting like . . BOYS. But it surprisingly turns out to be a very “heartwarming”-like story.

It focuses on a group of bishounens – main reason why I saw it in the first place – who have trouble realizing the position they are in, in their friendship. The anime looks to be heading in the slice of life direction and I have a feeling that they will be going down a journey of self discovery, therefore they will need themselves in order for their friendship to grow.It starts off pretty mellow and . . boring. I would have probably stopped half-way and looked into another fall anime, but once they began with their childhood memories, it was just too cute to resist.

Of course, looking back to their past was not a good sign. It’s as if they were looking back to the good old days when their friendship began. They seem to be missing something . . . or someone?

Throughout the episode they continued around campus doing nothing, but search for club activities in hopes of helping out a fellow twin find what he is missing from his high school experience(see what I did there – self discovery). And yes, the anime comes with twins. The twins remind me of the Hitachiin twins – cute!(minus the taboo, of course). So I think I’ll stick with this anime for a while. I’m interested to see how this frienship of their’s turns out.

And what’s with the cats?? I couldn’t help but notice the continuous appreciation of cats. :]


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