Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 01: First Impressions

“We Can’t Make Friends”

Doesn’t the opening sound a bit too familiar?

It sounds like the opening for season 2’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! Yes that’s where I’ve heard it. In that case . . it must also scream Moé! Not that you need any help figuring that out . . big breasts and a nun from the opening sort of give you a hint.

I wasn’t particularly interested in this anime at first. I figured eh – a group of tsunderes who group together and create a club in order to escape the hardship of loneliness hmm – And I only say this because I haven’t seen the OVA yet. But after coming across plenty of Boku tweets on Twitter, I decided to look into it.

Mikazuki Yozora who is talking to her AIR friend(LOL) is interrupted by Hasegawa Kodaka – the school’s infamous delinquent and so the story begins!

~A couple of tsunderes(not really) discussing their lonely days~


Yozora uses her brain power and comes up with The Neighbors Club . . . a religious club aimed at spreading friendly school spirit and making new friends. At least that’s what she told the school and figures that using religion will get her club approved – smart.

Time for recruitment!

~Just look at that epic drawing . . . Kawaii! ^o


Their first recruit happens to be none other than the most popular girl at school . . . miss Kashiwazaki Sena – a popular yet lonely girl in desperate need of friends, aw.

But tension is in the air! . . . Yozora really dislikes this girl – being jealous and all for her popularity and intelligence. I have a feeling they’ll be the best of friends. :D But where does Mr. Hasegawa fit? Uh oh . . . a love interest? – It’s getting epic up in here! – Maybe not the best of friends . . .

I also enjoyed a little foreshadowing towards the end. :) Kwuah! Some serious drama, YO.

Ha ha the tension continues . . .


And the preview was enough to make me ROFL!!

Now . . . on to the OVA!!

If you read this, I thank you. Being a little late in the craze, thanks to the continuous HIATUS, I couldn’t post at a much earlier time. :[

College life . . . sigh.


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