Guilty Crown 01: First Impressions

Government resistance couldn’t be more epic! 
What seemed like the most anticipated series this fall, was even better than I expected. I was hooked since the start of the song – a very beautiful song, I might add.

In Tokyo 2039, an unidentified virus outbreak had taken place 10 years ago called “Lost Christmas” and Ouma, Shu – a 17 year old boy somehow gets mixed up in it. He meet a young girl named Yuzuriha Inori, who happens to be the voice of the internet artist Egoist. And he just happens to be a fan of the internet sensation. Not only that, but she is also a member of the resistance guerrilla group called “Undertaker.” The resistance rebels against the government’s multinational organization called CHQ. That’s when Shu’s life changes and eventually obtains the power “Ability of the King” where a crown shape appears in his right hand and uses it to extract tools or weapons from his friends.



I honestly had no idea of the plot that was taking place, so I kinda had to read about it. I was just too busy admiring the music and visual effects. What always grabs my attention in anime’s are the songs, so if an anime has a crappy story, but a great song, I’d probably watch it. Luckily, this anime has an interesting story AND a great soundtrack. If you’re waiting for the soundtrack to be released like I am, the singles for the OP “My Dearest” is to be released November 23 and the ED “Departures” is released November 30, 2011.

I’d say that the anime definitely lived up to its hype. The OP(first episode only) was very interesting to see. You see Inori in one setting, as an internet sensation singing to a very sad song, then another setting, with her running for her life as she struggles with constant mecha attacks. That’s great editing! It didn’t get good until the end though. That was really something. I’ve got to watch Code Geass after this!

His game face is on!
I know what I must do . . . 


What I wouldn’t give for a huge weapon sigh. . . BRS, now Guilty Crown. This is torture. I must be a masochist.

BTW, does anyone know the song that was playing during the scene when he unleashes “The Ability of the King?” I’d really like to have it in my collection – meaning my Ipod.


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