K-ON!/! S.1, 2 けいおん!/! Review

My love for music has suddenly skyrocketed!!
 Not to mention my love for tea ~ お茶の時間!!

Summaries: K-ON! – S.1  K-ON!! – S.2 Via ANN.

After School Tea Time! – was Fantastic! Their music was catchy and their story was pretty heartwarming. But my favorite aspect was their strong sense of friendship. That is something they portrayed perfectly and it touched me dearly.

Joining the light music club was the best thing Yui Hirasawa could have done. If only I watched this my senior year ~ weep. But it’s cool . . . I managed to keep in touch with my school friends. I still have tea with one every now and then. And yes, I started having tea time after watching K-ON! ~ Anime influenced. How can I not be? The look in Yui’s face is . . I couldn’t resist!^^

nom nom nom . . .

K-ON! – was probably one of the most popular series exposed last year 2010 – and I missed the whole hype, but I’m covering it now and I thought it was simply delightful. My first impressions revolved around music and, well, mostly music. But to my surprise, its beautiful portrayal of high school life was successfully delivered. The slice of life-ness was somewhat nostalgic to me and each and every character felt genuinely real. I found myself comparing people I know with these characters all the time.

Left to Right: Kotobuki, Tsumugi; Tainaka, Ritsu; Akiyama, Mio; Hirasawa, Yui; Nakano, Azusa
It was interesting to see each character portray such convincing, real emotions. I cried every time they shed tears, almost as if I were there crying with them. I can easily relate to each character. Maybe because I can relate to their situation. High School is such an intricate life stage a lot of us go through, and seeing them go through it took me on the journey as well.

The addition of Azunyan made the group stronger in every aspect. She emphasized the group’s genuine care and feelings. Azunyan’s sense of loneliness was totally moé. ;) No really, lets be serious.

This was totally moé!!

Being the only underclassman in the group added huge depth to her and each character. With Azunyan, they were able to experience the fear of drifting apart or losing her as a friend. Graduation is just another stage in life a lot of us go through. But only true friends stick it out til the end.

Of course, I can never forget about the music! I’ve been listening to its music non-stop. My new favorite soundtrack perhaps? I enjoy the OPs and EDs best. I like how the OPs would have Yui sing and start off the show, while Mio would would sing you off in the EDs. I particularly enjoyed the EDs since they show more of a rebellious side to the girls – contrary to their personality in the anime.

I don’t believe this will be the last performance of the light music club. My anime senses are tingling and they say there is an upcoming K-ON! movie. The film is scheduled to open in over 130 theaters in Japan December 3 ~ via ANNSo look forward to it!

Watch K-ON! movie trailers HERE.


K-ON! images via Anime! ^.^

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