Winter ’11-12 Anime ~ My Top Five, Specials, Etc.

It’s that time of year again!! Time to dwell in the winter season and prepare for the new up and coming anime series!!

Visual Guide and Anime Listing – via moetron.

How exciting! I’ve been waiting for the new batch of anime to arrive. But as exciting as it may be, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by so many series. -_- Slow down on them deliveries will you? So I narrowed my picks down to five. ^-^

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai! Is a slapstick comedy – hold it! SLAPSTICK?! I gotta see this! The word slapstick reminds me of Ika Musume and you just gotta love that squid girl! I just hope it slaps me with enough exaggerated comedy to make me ROFL!!
Kill Me Baby

Kill Me Baby has a strangely familiar character design. It reminds me of Lucky Star. Which got me thinking it could be as good too. If not, i’ll settle for the awesome weaponry. It looks like she’s about to go Kill Bill on yo a**! I wonder if they wield huge guns . . .
Inu x Boku SS

Gotta have some romance this winter! This series looks intense, so I doubt it’ll be very innocent. Be forewarned. I have a feeling it will have a Yaoi level of intimacy, not sure. Whether it will or not is something I am bound to find out. And for those of you who’ve never seen Yaoi – it’s pretty intense!


Scary stuff *gulp.* I haven’t watched mystery in a while or do I dare say it . . . horror! But, I wouldn’t mind getting creeped out every now and then this upcoming season. Maybe that will keep my mind off the weather.

and Black Rock Shooter

Since the time I watched the OVA, this anime has been on my mind. The flaming blue eye, the epic action scenes, and let’s not forget the big guns! I am very curious to know how it will turn out. I believe this is the first anime i’ll see, that wasn’t based on a manga – or to be more precise, a kick ass Supercell song! I enjoy Supercell’s song and hope that they use that song for the OP. Congrats Miku! You will open for an epic series!~

Specials and Ova’s ~
Usagi Drop Specials
Aw . . who doesn’t like Usagi Drop? The first special was adorable and I am looking forward to specials 6.5 and 8.5. This anime does a great job at portraying a fun and positive view of parenthood. But even if you’re not a parent yourself, I recommend you watch it because I believe it will connect with you in one way or another. Seriously, if you don’t watch it you are really missing out.
K-ON! (Movie)
It looks like the girls are taking a little trip this winter. I can’t wait for the theatrical release! Too bad it’s not being released anywhere near where I am. Still, i’ll wait until the day it hits media everywhere! I enjoyed the series so much and the music was great. It has been dearly missed and this release will commemorate my love for K-ON!

Watch K-ON! movie trailer HERE.

Any thoughts on this up and coming anime season?  What series are on your list?

Happy blogging!


4 thoughts on “Winter ’11-12 Anime ~ My Top Five, Specials, Etc.

  1. Another looks like a series that I might like. I'll also be watching Zero no Tsukaima since I've already seen all of the previous seasons and want to find out what happens.

  2. @Cely_belly
    It's pretty funny, typical of an anime with Rie Kugimiya starring the main female character. The third season was disappointing though, so I hope the 4th one will make up for it.

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