Kimi To Boku 13: [Final] Impressions and S.2

What?  No – It can’t be over.

Luckily, The Akiba announced and confirmed about a second season ~ phew. Check out the PV HERE.
I had a feeling the anime had another season in it. The cute boys still have to finish High School and let’s not forget, Chizuru still hasn’t declared to Mary that he loves her with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns!
I wasn’t expecting Kimi To Boku to have a good ending. Most of these slice of life series never do. Like Haganai, these anime don’t have much of a plot to be solved. The final episode took place in their former elementary school. Shun was looking for a job in order to complete his “workplace experience list.” I suppose it’s similar to what HS kids do here in the U.S. with their government hours. As a result, they all got a job as Kaori-sensei’s assistants – their former kindergarten teacher.
Things were looking well for the twins as they gained crazy fan girls. I am so jealous of that little girl clinging to Yuki. No, you are not his wife! >.<
I liked that they brought up a little from Kaname’s past. You know, that cute episode where he was being a little brat to that really handsome T.A. (teacher’s assistant) because he didn’t know how to handle his jealously towards him. Kaname sure loved his pre-school teacher. But did he love her more than the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns? I don’t think so. And it wasn’t until the T.A. showed him kindness, that Kaname realized he wanted to grow up to be someone like him. Okay, so maybe there WAS something solved here. Kaname got to be the man he wanted to be. He showed that little kid, who he was having a hard time with, someone to look up to.

Heck, he gained a brother!

Aw, and he gave him a nickname too. How cute.

Still, knowing that there is a second season to come, it is really sad to part from them. D’: Yes, those cats XD.
Oh, just look at that cat. His face is telling you everything. Foreshadowing?

Yuta . . . you have an excellent sense of fashion! XD
Oh Shun.  I wonder what kind of cartoons YOU’VE been watching . . .
You sure got a lot more action than usual . . eh Kaname-kun?
I’m pretty sure Shun-chan here was mistaken for a girl . . . ROFL.
They don’t need your nonsense Chizu-chan, but Cely_belly will gladly accept it. :)
  • Everytime I think of Kaname here, I think of Kaname from Bleach . . and his Resurreción. -_- 
  • What’s with the cats?! >.<
  • Didn’t you think it was weird how much Shun resembles Shun . . from Saint Seiya?
  • I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of that bratty kid.
  • Where’s Mary?
  • Support the “Mary gets away with two lovers” fund.
  • What was your favorite anime this season? BTW this was my favorite.
[Top Image Via: Zerochan]

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