My Top 10 Anime Male Characters of 2011

I’m pretty late . . . but in response to Nopy’s Top 10 Anime Girls of 2011, I have decided to make my own top ten list. Except in this list, I have chosen my favorite anime male characters of 2011. I didn’t cover many series this past year, but I hope you find a liking to any of the following anime based on my top male picks, in case you aren’t already familiar with any.

10. Ouma, Shu from Guilty Crown

I am not as fond of his personality as I am with his character design. I love the way he looks! Pretty shallow of me? Maybe. He’s cool and all, you know? – willing to save lives, but I just think he LOOKS even cooler. Especially when his game face is on and he’s about to extract someone’s void – because when he does, his eyes turn red and he becomes a completely different person. A much more confident, kick ass, Ouma, Shu. Or could it be that I just like his powers and the yellow streaks in his hair? All I can say is that Shu is by far my favorite male character in Guilty Crown…to look at.

9. Niwa, Makoto from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

It wasn’t my favorite anime, but I liked the main protagonist. He didn’t turn out to be a complete jerk or hide the fact that he was related to Erio. He was very brotherly in the way he always took care of her. Plus, he doesn’t look that bad either.

8. Hasegawa, Kodaka from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Another brotherly type but a little more experienced than Niwa – having a little sister himself. Don’t be fooled by his looks. His dyed-looking hair isn’t the trademark of a rebel. If I could have an older brother, I’d want an older brother like him, I guess. One who watches out for me is there for me and is patient with my weaboo characteristics. But more importantly…one who cooks for me~! ^0^

7. Yadomi, Jinta from Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

Even Yadomi can be labeled brotherly, even though his feelings toward Menma were more than that. He was willing to marry her! His situation is rather heartbreaking, yet, very heartwarming. How can I not love him?<3

6. Asaba, Yuuta from Kimi to Boku

Yuta is very underrated, in my opinion. He is frequently outshined by his younger brother Yuki and that’s probably why he’s one of my favorites. I find him more mysterious. My affection toward him grew after his date with that girl(which turned out to be one of my favorite episodes!). I also love that he’s a tsundere(like most on this list), but if I had to choose between a twin, it’d be the one who stands out the least, because that’s actually what would make him stand out the most to me.

5. Okumura, Rin from Ao no Exorcist
Mr. Okumura was my original favorite. I find him very attractive – demon looking and all! He has the sweetest smile, even though that’s not the case in this pic his tsundere face is pretty cute too. Apart from his smile, I adore his laugh. It’s so cute and innocent. Plus, am I the only one who thinks he’s a total hottie when he pins up his hair?! Other than that, he is a pretty heroic character…one of those “I don’t care about my own well being as long as I can protect my friends”-attitude. It’s very hard for me to acknowledge him as Yukio’s older brother, though.
4. Kawachi, Daikichi from Usagi Drop

Obviously, he’d be on this list. He went out of his way to take Rin into his home when she needed it most. I admire that about him. It was very precious to see his dere attitude as time passed with his new daughter. I certainly wouldn’t hate the guy who would take me in under those circumstances.

3. Tsukahara, Kaname from Kimi to Boku

I am a big Megane fan. Who can resist a cute boy with glasses? Kaname is too cute and funny. I don’t know how many times he’s smacked his friends throughout the series haha. He definitely knows how to keep his friends in check. I wouldn’t mind a boyfriend who is as tsundere as he is. I don’t think I’d like a guy who is overly sweet. His smile, on the other hand, is very sweet. I enjoyed the anime a lot more because he was in it. He was never a bore to watch. There couldn’t have been a better class representative. I just wish I was one of them crushes of his.

2. Takano, Masamune from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

I think the perfect word to describe Takano would be “smexy” haha. Believe it or not, he too wears glasses…from time to time. He’s also gay, in case you didn’t know – which makes him even more desirable(sigh). As a result, since I don’t stand a chance, I settled with admiring his qualities as a man. He’s pretty straightforward, clever, and an excellent lover. Wait, what do I know? I do know that he’s fancied by more than one man and a few woman in the anime, so I assume that’s reason enough. Except why are you with Onodera?! After all the pain he put you through!? Argh!

1. Kazehaya, Shouta from Kimi ni Todoke(S2)

Last, but not least…Kazehaya-kun! I’m not sure why he’s my favorite. I think it has a lot to do with the aura he gives off in the anime. I love shoujo anime!!! I love shoujo characters! Shoujo’s have all the good stuff: the sparkles…the bubbles…and, the DRAMA. Throughout, the show basically builds up for that moment, that moment when he finally confesses his feelings, and vice versa. Except, he goes through a lot of obstacles to get there, it’s frustrating!!! Nevertheless, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey because that’s how his character development transpires. That’s how one discovers how imperfect he really is. And that’s what makes him a likable character. Still, this is SHOUJO, and like all shoujos, for each flaw, the hero of the story may possess, they are easily canceled out with a greater amount of charming attributes. I suppose that explains why I can’t help but fall for these princely type characters, because once that moment arrives when they hug the girl or share a kiss, my heart can’t help but skip a beat. I believe every girl has fantasized about a guy like Kazehaya to be her knight in shining armor. And I don’t think we should settle for any less.



15 thoughts on “My Top 10 Anime Male Characters of 2011

  1. nuuu!!! Id totally put Kazehaya as #10 and the rest up a notch. sigh, he was so insecure and slow if i was in the show id take Sawako for myself *eveil look in eyes*

  2. Looks like you got around to writing this post :)

    Personally, I would've put Kodaka a bit higher, but I definitely agree with you on Kazehaya. He's one of those people that even guys will look up to.

  3. @Rei
    Glad you liked it! Yea, I was thinking of going deeper with Gai instead of Shu. And, I liked Ryu too. Guess I was contemplating on choosing at least one guy for each anime.

  4. Is the main character of Guilty Crown really that unlikeable? I watched the first episode online, and it was pretty good. A lot of people complain that he's not a likable character at all though. I want to watch the whole series though, because it looks pretty :p

  5. He reminds me a lot of Tomoya from Clannad. I don't think he's unlikable but he's pretty dull. And there is more to why most people don't like him. I really enjoyed that first episode as well, but I won't spoil anything for you :P

  6. Thank you. I hate it when people openly spoil things without concern :p Youtube is the worst if you're trying to avoid spoilers. I actually have to put the show on hold for now because I was watching it on my computer and the sites I find to watch anime almost always run slow, particularly if I watch the English sub, then the captions never keep up (want to help me out and give me a sight to watch it on? haha). I also am just not a fan of watching stuff online. I would be interested in watching the rest of it one of these days…

  7. Have not seen this one before. Surprising because I've been to so many. Thanks. I put it in my favorites. Might have to use it soon because netflix removed fullmetal alchemist. >__< and when I have like five episodes left too...Well, I'm pretty sure it's at my library so I should be alright.

  8. omg I'm stupid. Hulu IS streaming Guilty Crown >___< Well now there's no reason to put off watching it. Hulu is perfect for streaming :) Despite the ads. And cool I'll favorite those other sites too

  9. Kya! You think so too? Kaname is sooooo cute! I adore him <3333 I just don't get why no girls on the show go for him. -w- Now that I think about it, a lot of the dark-haired megane hotties don't get enough attention from girls. Ah, but they're so cute and tsundere. I always fall for them xD.

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