Winter 2012 Anime Season: First Impressions


First impressions can be deceiving. This anime started off pretty mellow with a slice of life feel to it and an un-overwhelming amount of fanservice. Then, holy shit. Ichika turns out to be an alien and now the whole anime isn’t just about romance anymore. After the first episode, you get a lot more of her alien background and that adorable pet of hers. You also get a better feel of Kaito’s friends and Remon (far right). I enjoyed watching Remon’s character unfold. She’s so evil, it’s good. She’s reminds me of Gokou, Ruri from Oreimo. She’s smart and she definitely knows what she’s doing. I wonder what she puts in that dynamite drink. I think i’ll stick with this anime. So far, it’s just been a real pleasure to watch.


This anime gave me the creeps. In a good way. The suspense, the mystery, the eerieness! What a thrill. I am thoroughly enjoying the art and the plot. Your brain will get a big work out this season just trying to uncover the mystery. I want to know the truth already! Let’s all make a bet. Whoever’s theory proves to be correct, gets a candy. :) And no you cannot read the novels. I bet that Sakakibara is the one who’s been dead all along and died with his mother a while back in some accident or something. Somehow the Misaki incident has something to do with his mother. Or, Sakakibara was the one who killed Misaki. Those are about all of my theories so far. I have some over analyzing to do this season.

Simply hilarious. It’s overwhelming. You figure it’d be another Kimi to Boku, but turns out you’re way off. Its comedy is similar to Kill Me Baby, but this one is worthy of your time. You couldn’t expect any less from three teenage boys in high school. I recommend you all give this series a go.


Meh :/ I thought it was going to be all about drama and romance, but no. I didn’t expect the dog ears, or the Kimono, or the tail, I mean tails. He looked like that Pokemon with nine tails. What’s its name . . nine tails?? Okay, okay. Maybe the butler secret service agent didn’t look that bad. Dog ears suit him. And when he cried – KYAA!! You poor pup. D: If she doesn’t want you . . i’ll take you. Who am I kidding? Of course she wants you. You’re a stud. By now, you can kind of tell why I am going to watch this anime, no?
Oh ma gaa . . . the OP was annoying enough. I don’t know. I was kind of in a lousy mood when I started watching. My mood must have influenced my reaction towards the anime, so I decided to watch it on a good day, but nothing changed. I still found it pretty annoying. It was slow paced and there wasn’t enough comedy to keep me interested. I’ll either drop it or put in on hold for now.


I was looking forward to the comedy here, but it wasn’t as silly as I thought. Of course, there are still 25 episodes left to go and it’s still too soon to tell. I’ll watch a few more episodes and decide from there. I have read other reviews and people are saying that it is very likely to be another Usagi Drop. I have a good reason to keep on watching then. :)

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to tell me which anime you will be watching this season!

2 thoughts on “Winter 2012 Anime Season: First Impressions

  1. I was actually expecting an alien in Ano Natsu before it aired because of Onegai Teacher. Glad to see they're sticking with their old methods.

    I'm a bit on the fence for Inu x Boku, I like Ririchiyo, but none of the other characters has impressed me so far.

  2. Yea, Ano Natsu has been having a lot of reference to Onegai Teacher. I haven't seen the anime though. Would I be missing out? :/

    And whaa? :O Not even that skeleton girl caught your attention? ^^ Same here. I'm mostly interested in Soushi the butler.

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