Guilty Crown 13: A Festival Now?

I agree. What are they thinking?
Daryl megane = Kyaa!
Two weeks has passed since the incident with Gai and Mana. Now, the center of the city has been blockaded. No phones, no TV, no internet- how boring. In hopes that the blockade will be lifted soon, many students outside of the blockade zone have gathered in school. Most of Funeral Parlor has separated, but others like Ayase and Tsugumi, even Daryl have taken shelter at school, blending in as students. And since there’s nothing better to do (really?), the school decided to have a festival.

Saw this coming . . .
So, because a bunch of crazy wackos have decided to cause chaos, Shu and the others must save the day. 
Of course! Ayase’s droid are legs. LOL. She literally kicked ass in this episode.

And they made a pretty good team.
But, besides introducing Shu’s new ability to lend someone their droid and Ayase’s new android legs, this episode was just basically building up to introduce a bigger problem for them to face. GHQ and the government were planning to “eradicate” the area they were in.
More like, what will you do, Shu? What will you do . . . 
Side Notes:
  • Overall, this episode was meh.
  • Megane!! >.< 
  • Check out the new OP and ED. I like the OP song, but I’m having a hard time adjusting to it. It doesn’t feel right.

8 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 13: A Festival Now?

  1. I didn't really except for Guilty Crown to be like this, but it turned out quite well. I even thought i'll stop blogging about it but thanks to the opening being awesome, I kept going :)

  2. Guilty Crown has seemed rather crazy and outlandish from the start, I don't think anything can surprise me anymore, not even having a festival in the middle of something like that.

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