Another 03: Thoughts

Yes! The episode is here. :D This is the episode when she shows us what’s under her eyepatch! OMG! It just gets creepier and creepier.

She’s gonna do it . . .she’s gonna do it! 

Oh . . . it’s just a doll’s eye. You guessed right Starburst-chan. ;)

That wasn’t even the highlight of this episode though. I thought it was weird that Misaki would just tell Sakakibara about that death that happened 26 years ago. It was about a very popular girl who was kind to everyone. She was good at sports and her studies. Teachers and students adored her. But shortly after ninth grade, she died in an accident that was rumored to be a plane crash, a car accident, or a house fire. No one really knows. Or, she just didn’t say. And so the whole class, and the teacher, went into denial and pretended she was still alive. So much so that the principal had her seat be present in the graduation ceremony and she even appeared to be in the class photo, despite the fact she was dead.
By then, Sakakibara’s phone rang and he didn’t get the full story. But apparently the girl’s name was also Misaki. Either way, Sakakibara was still being a little skeptical about it being her.

The next day, the students were made aware of their exam dates. Sakakibara and the others had a chat and it was nice to see more of their personalities as they talked about anything other than that mystery about Misaki. I even noticed a little glance Kazami shot to Sakuragi. Does he like her? Also, I couldn’t help but enjoy the closeness between Kazami and Teshigawara.

But what do I do with this? Based on this anime’s genre . . should I be taking this as innocent BL? It sounds more suspicious to me. I better not take things too lightly here.

Afterwards, Sakakibara decides to walk home with megane here. They talk about school trips and bring up how they used to have them during the spring of ninth grade. They used to have them, she says? Quickly Sakakibara brings up Misaki again and ends up pissing her off. But the only thing I’m wondering is why they changed their trip schedule to eighth grade. That schedule change must have something to do with Misaki. After all, she did say that girl died shortly after ninth grade, around the time these students had their field trips.
Afterwards, Sakakibara continues to ask about Misaki, but all he gets are warnings to stay away from her. Impatient now, he finds her and asks her once more. She then tells him that no one can see her other than him. He freaks out and then this . . .

We lose that poor megane. She really wanted to go to Tokyo too. But lets go over the clues. Before she decides to run off and tumble down the stairs, she spots Misaki. But, why now? Could it be that if you are closer to death, you see her? Then what was it that teacher told her? Could this be why their field trips are now held in eighth grade instead of ninth? Something similar must have happened on one of those field trips. If this keeps up, there will be more deaths. I’m going to assume they die in the same order that they appear in the ED. If that’s the case, Kazami or Teshigawara?
Also, Misaki says she’s not that girl from 26 years ago, but her cousin. What’s going on?!
This is getting interesting.

2 thoughts on “Another 03: Thoughts

  1. I was thinking that Another was going to be really boring, but then episode 3 happened and it what like wham! Considering P.A. Works' other anime, I didn't think they could animate a scene as gruesome as that. I'm really looking forward to seeing what exactly is happening with Misaki and if she's really a ghost.

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