Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 03: Life Lessons and Stuff

High School Boys and Summer Plans

That’s right! This weeks episode is full of utter nonsense and hilarity! I wouldn’t get Hidenori riled up if I were you. He has a bit of an anger issue, you see. Other than that, ROFLs and LOLs are guaranteed. I never thought this week’s episode would cover so many topics. Let’s review the lessons, shall we?

The boys gathered at Tadakuni’s place to go over their summer plans while still wearing their school uniforms, te he. Then, out of nowhere, Hidenori begins to scold his friends about hanging out with more girls during the summer. Just then, the boys decide to overthrow Hidenori as chairman and demanded that Karasawa take his place. Hidenori gave Karasawa a call and asked him to come over in his uniform – *facepalm.*

High School Boys and the Beach House

After a much intense debate at the sausage-fest, the boys decided to go to the beach where they showed off their swimming trunks while hitting on various girls. Poor Tadakuni was the only one wearing his school trunks (don’t worry, that’s not why the girls ignored you). But after much thought from Hidenori, he came up with the conclusion that girls like their noodles and men the same way: HOT (and spicy >.<). Thus, getting bitch slapped by Motoharu. Lesson learned: Girls like their men hot, like there noodles, but don't tell other guys that.
High School Boys and Hot Spring Balls

(Look at his face! LOL). We find the boys at the hot springs when all hell breaks loose at a game of ping pong! The rules of the game were to hit the ball while shouting out the answers to the topic given. If they miss three times, they pay a penalty . . . to punch the student council president! Couldn’t expect anything less from these boys. Well, maybe we should be lowering the standards with Tadakuni. He didn’t even pass one round, which was hilarious to watch. >.< At least we got something out of it: moons of Uranus, names of foreign presidents, countries that have a moon in their flag . . . I don't know about you, but all I got was Obama. Gag lesson: Never play with smart people. Instead, play with Tadakuni. ;)
High School Boys and the Radio DJ
On to our next gag . . what do we have here? Tabata, Hidenori’s Talking FS! FS? The boys, well, Hidenori and Yoshitake are pretending to be radio hosts where they talk about teens, for teens. All while blaming everything on their mothers. Yes, it makes sense . . . boys WERE originally a part of their mothers. Too funny XD.
Someone is still holding a grudge from that ping pong game. :D
High School Boys and Summer Memories

Before they knew it, summer passed by in little time. 60 seconds, to be exact. All while playing to the sounds of Capsule. 

Only with friends can you randomly pull off a game of shiritori.

High School Boy and the Train to School

LOL. Here we get introduced to a little drama. Apparently, this girl boards the same train car with Hidenori every morning. But all Hidenori is interested in is telling her about a hair that sticks out of her mole, yet he hasn’t found the courage to do so. He considers changing trains the next day in order to avoid an encounter with her and then idles about how her mole hair is somehow a symbol of her loneliness. Despite his worrying, he tells her and so ends the story of a foolish boy who seriously worried about something this stupid. What I learned: Hidenori and I are not so different.

Uniform and Boyfriend

Who says that girls can’t be funny? They were like female versions of the boys, even the megane sounds overly passionate, much like Hidenori, when she speaks. According to her, no matter what high school girls do, they’ll be super popular and make lots of money. And because girls are funny no matter what they do, they decided to wear men’s clothing. I enjoyed seeing the girls do a recap of episode one. It was hilarious seeing them roll on the floor in over-sized clothing and commenting about the funny smell XD. To top it off, they show you an epic nose bleed! I guess, being too desperate is like asking for it. – End of lessons.
Next review: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 04: LOL Just LOOL! – because I already know it’s funny.



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