Guilty Crown 14: Thoughts

So what’s my void reading Shu?
IT’S OVER 9000!!! XD
Shu? Is that really you?

Looks like this weeks episode was an instant hit. Finally, the plot seems to be going somewhere again. Not to mention that Shu has become even sexier now that he’s gotten more of his confidence back. (That’s it Shu. Believe in yourself! You could be a king!) It used to be that Shu had always shown leadership qualities as a kid. But ever since that “black christmas” incident, that all went away. Thanks to Gai, he was given the chance to be himself again.
The device . . I think I’ll just call it a scouter (DBZ is still influencing anime). The scouter Tsugumi finds happens to read the power level of people’s voids, making it much easier to uhh I don’t know recruit a few people!  I like where this is going :)
It was pretty funny how Shu and the others held Tsugumi and forced her void out. We weren’t the only curious ones I suppose. I didn’t find her void very impressive though. I would have been impressed if it was some big gun or highly dangerous weapon, but I guess that wouldn’t go with her.
Did you all notice Daryl hesitate at the sight of Tsugumi? I did! I think it’s loove!! And what exactly did Inori do to those guys? This could turn out to become a problem for Shu.
I am looking forward to next week’s episode. I just hope it keeps up with this excitement it has now. It would be fun to see the students do some training or something.

2 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 14: Thoughts

  1. I laughed my head off when they brought up the void power scanner. It's amazing that they were able to just find something so useful on the ground.

    Shu's change in personality seemed far too quick for me. Just because the undisputed leader died doesn't mean that he's qualified to lead without any previous experience.

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