Inu x Boku SS 03: Thoughts

This week’s episode was far better than the rest. A lot of character development was going on as we witnessed Ririchiyo’s problem with making friends. Not only that, but we got to see some intense moments from her past. And to top it off, there was more bishie love! Kyaa! As Anaaga from Metanorn states, Ririchiyo you are one . . .

I second that. And retweeted that! XD BTW, fallow me on Twitter! – cuz I’m awesome.
I must admit, I love her tsundere attitude. And she was just too adorable in her little kimono! It hurt me a little, seeing her get slapped. I wanted to give her father a piece of my mind. Ugh. I really wanted to punch him in the face!! >.<
Anyway, after that little drama . . Ririchiyo was getting ready for her first day of high school. She’s a freshman now and how old is Soushi? 20? It’s still too soon to tell, so let’s refrain from calling him a pedophile for now. Ah who cares! He’s too pretty to be worrying about that. Plus, he makes a sexy megane.

And Renshou makes a sexy construction worker. ;)
Ugh, back to the story. These bishies can be very distracting.
The episode was mainly about Ririchiyo’s lack of social skills and her problem with making friends. Because she always gave intimidating first impressions, people avoided her. She was perceived by others as a conceited rich girl with a cold persona. Thus, was talked poorly about by other students.
Afterwards, on her way back home from school, she is surprised to find Soushi kissing a girl. An old flame of his apparently, and that was just his way of turning her down. -_- Ririchiyo’s reaction was, a little hurt. Soushi notices her looking and soon regrets his actions. And like the devoted butler he is . . he apologizes to her and riles her into thinking he is not worthy of being her SS. Ririchiyo lets her emotions get the best of her and claims that she can’t trust anyone who plays with others emotions, the way he did with that girl. Obviously, reffering to herself. Their contract is void . . . and she goes back to being her lonely self.
Sooner than later though, Ririchiyo is put in a desperate situation and in need of assistance. Of course, prince charming comes to save her and wins back her trust. They make up and promise to never break their contract again.
It was so beautiful. (╥﹏╥)
Overall, the episode managed to solve the problem pretty quick, but it didn’t seem to be moving too fast or anything. I liked this episode.
I’m curious about the two new characters. They look like trouble. Guess I’ll find out about it later today. Man, it took me forever to write this post. Oh well, just getting my thoughts out there.

What’s with the bunny ears?

4 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS 03: Thoughts

  1. I really liked this episode, it shed some light on Ririchiyo's past and helped cement her and Soushi's relationship. From a guy's point of view, Soushi is still kinda unbelievable (not in a good way), but I'm starting to warm up to other characters besides Ririchiyo, like Renshou.

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