Ano Natsu de Matteru 04: The Alien Stalker

Nothing like a near death experience to start off your day. :)

He he he . . . Kaito, that’s so moé.
After that awkward moment between Ichika and Kaito, things have become even more akward. They even had a hard time greeting each other in the morning. It almost killed Rinon! Poor Rinon. This was not his episode. But it was mine. :)

Funniest episode, so far. Ichika and Kaito spent the day fantasizing about each other. Ichika fantasized about the perfect solution to her problem, hoping Kaito would tell her to disregard his reaction about him liking her. Kaito on the other hand, was hoping Ichika would confess her “mutual” feelings to him. Thus, causing the confusion between Kaito and Tetsurou. But Tetsurou made it perfectly clear he didn’t swing that way XD. And Remon is just too funny getting Ichika all worked up like that. She’s cool.
Soon afterwards, on her way home, Ichika finds Kaito in some older woman’s car and turns into something evil. She goes on jealous mode and decides to abuse of Rinon’s teleporting(poor Rinon) and stalk him. She stalks him into a lingerie store – giving the audience a little fanservice as the woman flaunted her bod, making Ichika even more jealous. But Rinon was having fun, at least.
Fucken Rinon! LOL

She stalked him into the movies and watched HOTD. I didn’t know there was a movie? XD  And just what are you doing eating popcorn Rinon?! This was supposed to be – not your episode.
She later ends up at an apartment where Ichika comes up with the worst case scenerio that could happen between this older woman and Kaito. This was where she reached her breaking point and decided to break in – no pun intended. Well, teleport in I guess because she catches Kaito by surprise. In a hurry she urges him to leave with her, but ends up in an argument with the woman. After realizing Ichika’s feelings towards Kaito, the woman purposely riles her up . . . and Kaito was still completely clueless. -_- In the end, the lady turns out to be Tetsurou’s older sister. His married sister. Don’t you feel foolish Ichika?
So after embarrassing herself, she apologized to Kaito and promised him a favor. Taking the opprtunity, he asked her to help him study. Ugh stupid Kaito. You should have asked her to be your girlfriend. She would have said yes! >.<
No matter, he got what he deserved. Ichika turned out to be a tyrant when it came to studying.

Overall, the epsiode was good. It looks like there will be more drama from here on out, drama between Kanna and Ichika. I really liked Kanna in this episode. She was really trying her best to accept Ichika and Kaito’s friendship. It was kind of sad to see. I have a feeling this anime is going to make me cry at one point. NUOO!

4 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru 04: The Alien Stalker

  1. Rinon is the best thing in the show! Never fails to entertain me. I'm liking Remon as always, and I hope she doesn't fall in love in anyone because this will make her personality change and there is no one else that will able to make me laugh more that Remon!

  2. It was funny how the two of them were playing out their little fantasies in order to solve the same problem. I think things will start to move pretty quickly soon.

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