Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 04: LOL Just LOOL!

Well, maybe not as funny as the previous episode, but funny nonetheless. Our usual trio didn’t get a lot of screen time in this episode since we were introduced to a few more characters, like the all girls school Council President and the boys’ Council President. Plus, some old looking farts.

High School Boys and Eavesdropping

This gag was about Tadakuni eavesdropping on his friends – something I’ve always been tempted to do, I’ll admit. He was curious to know what it was that they talk about when he’s not around – or if they talk about him, I suppose. It was funny seeing him get worked up once they started talking dirty. He started questioning the closeness between him and his friends. LOL. But all his efforts gone to waste once he realized he was spying on the wrong people.

High School Boys and the Cultural Festival

The two characters who happen to be Student Council Presidents? Of course they wouldn’t get along! It didn’t make me ROFL though.

High School Boys and the Cultural Festival 2 

I thoroughly enjoyed the haunted house. Boys can be scary. Naked and all XD. That poor prez.

High School Boys and the Cultural Festival 3

This one was a little awkward. The girl was just messing with Yoshitake and putting up “airs” – making too many assumptions about boys thinking she knew it all or something. Awkward . . .

High School Boys and the Cultural Festival 4

A fight to the death between girl prez and boy prez was strangely funny. The boy’s only challenge was to stay up while the girl brutally tried to take him down. In the end, girl won cuz were awesome. :)
High School Boys and Counseling

Tadakuni seeks advice from his coworker about his friend troubles. *facepalm* It was hilarious to see. She tells him to man up and go to them, but when he does . . . again, he confuses them for the wrong people.


Funniest gag of the episode. Seeing them eat sweets like wild monkeys did hurt my pride a little, though. But when they asked the dude why he tried so hard to live was too funny. Why won’t you die? >.<

[Image Via: Zerochan]


2 thoughts on “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 04: LOL Just LOOL!

  1. I guess I didn't get the joke it this episode. It wasn't as funny as the previous one. But some did comment on my blog and said it was funnier. Ermm. The episode actually has a plot this time, which is quite a surprise for me. Still love the show and looking forward for more.

  2. I don't think it was the the strongest either. It has been more of an on and off thing…first ep: hilarious….2nd: eh….3rd: too funny…and 4th: okay….so I'm kind of expecting this next ep. to blow my mind. >.<

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