Guilty Crown 15: Oh the Irony

Hare R.I.P. This is what happens when Gai dies and Shu takes over. He has got some serious trauma issues. The fact that Hare had high hopes about Shu becoming the nice, noble King, like the one in her stories, was ironic.

It was a very unexpected turn out. I did not see Hare’s death coming. Or that Shu would undergo another traumatic incident. The next episode is sure to be interesting. It is called “Tyrant” after all.

For those of you who liked Hare, sorry I cannot sympathize with you. She wasn’t my favorite character. But I didn’t expect her death. I did consider her to be an important character in the story anyway. Guess not.

But how convenient was it that Inori lost her rival? I don’t think Inori will ever feel the same way about Shu though. Not after that unsettling way in which he handled her. Compared to the first time when Shu removed Inori’s void, Shu’s change in personality became obvious. He became emotionless, heartless, and just plain scary.

I don’t think this is what Hare meant, Shu.


8 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 15: Oh the Irony

  1. It is completely the opposite of what Hare is wanting him to be. This show is fucked up for me. Another of my favourite character gone. Could it get any worse :(

  2. I personally think Shu getting over his crybaby lame-o view is a good thing. All throughout the show all I wanted was for Shu to be like Gai, because Shu just stood behind his shadow and never came out to the light and with his power as strong as it is there is no reason he can't be a badass. I really hope he continues on the path of just obliterating everything in his path =D

  3. This was exactly like when that orange haired girl died in Code Geass. I think the creators were trying to go for the same feel, but didn't think the whole thing through properly so it seemed a bit surprising. I'm just happy that Tsugumi is still alive.

  4. I haven't seen Code Geass, but I know what you're talking about. I think they were too, GC was already very similar to CG from the start, no? Omg they even share the same letters when abbreviated :O

    Yes I'm happy Tsugumi is still alive as well.

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