Bleach Ch. 480

We were all aware about the final arc, right? From the news announced last week, it looks like Kubo has decided to conclude the series. It took a long while for this chapter to arrive. I’m guessing the short hiatus was for the news to spread. No matter. Bleach is here now with more manga fun to ease our shounen souls, even if it’s just for a few more chapters.


BAM! We are instantly introduced to new characters. At first, I thought I was looking at Hamtaro -or whatever his name is- and Rukia. But wait, Rukia doesn’t wear a leafy thing over her head. Turns out that Soul Society is having hollow problems here and there. So in order to solve the problem in Karakura town, they send out two of their shinigami to fill in for the substitute soul reaper. Apparently, Ichigo is only to be called upon for really big cases. Which makes sense. He’s way past hollows.
The two shinigami were escorted by none other than afro dude. Fancy seeing him again. And by now I’m thinking these two shinigami are probably no stronger than afro guy here. Turns out I was right. Clearly, they were still lacking experience. The girl got beat pretty bad after coming across a bunch of hollows and were rendered helpless. Not to worry, we all know this manga doesn’t roll that way. A savior must appear all coolly and introduce himself right? Well, you all know who that is . . . Kurosaki, Ichigo. Shinigami representative. KYAA!
I was a bit confused at first. I was like what the hell is going on??! Hollows? Whaa? Problem? Then, OHHH…
Mayuri’s new look . . . nice! ;) I cannot wait to see the captains in action again. The visords! Oh, and maybe Nel. It’s not like she has completely disappeared from existence. Oh Kubo stop hiding them. Bring back Ulqui! But that’s besides the point.
The chapter is off to a good start. There was a creepy fellow lurking in the shadows – a potential villain? Probably. The two new characters were funny. The hollows! hollows! and more hollows!! I am, pretty much, expecting this final arc to blow my mind.

4 thoughts on “Bleach Ch. 480

  1. It's a new arc. So everyone has probably no idea what is coming next. At first I was expecting Aizen to escape or something. LOL! Yeah the 2 new characters are funny indeed. Looks like a good start to the show. Hopefully it will be a bit longer than the previous arc. It is coming to an end and now I'll be reading One Piece as a substitute for this anime

  2. I know! I immediately thought Aizen. XD

    It wouldn't be Bleach without long arcs ;)

    I too need a new manga filler. I've practically been relying on this manga for some time now. Sigh. Kubo can be so cruel. >.<

  3. I'm planning to read One Piece. From chapter 1 to the current. Since I have like 4 weeks of holiday due to semester break. I don't think that will be a problem.

  4. I do wish I was in a similar position. Having to go back to school knowing there is so much anime and manga out there – so sad. lol.

    But you can never go wrong with shounen ;) I love shounen and I hear the mangas are even better.

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