Inu x Boku SS 04


Kawaii!! What a cute . . . um, what is it exactly? A raccoon?

The previous episode of Inu Boku was really good. I enjoyed the character development and the bishie love, and this episode was even better.

The two new characters were introduced as pretty decent guys. I thought they were going to cause trouble and start a big shounen fight between the the butler and Ririchiyo, but no – unfortunately. It would have been so good to see. I am kind of getting tired of the sparkles and sh**. I need some action! But despite my shounen needs, we did get a little yaoi – which to me is just as good. Dam that bunny stole my line! >.< Plus, a little nosebleed from that perv lady . . .
I LOL’d hard.
That blonde kid was pretty funny. And I just love tsunderes. It was hilarious when he challenged Soushi to a duel. He was an angel sent to answer my prayers. Finally some action! But soon crushed my high hopes by not doing anything. Still, the game they started playing was entertaining. And eventually we find out that tsundere boy loves skeleton girl. So cute the way he felt a need to protect her even though he was pretty weak compared to her . . . silly.
Now, other than blondie, his SS wasn’t as cute. Super funny, but creepy. Apparently, his right eye is covered to hide a special power of his. An ability that sees the truth in someone, no matter how deep. He begins to freak Ririchiyo out, well, freak me out because Ririchiyo didn’t even seem scared at all and sparks her interest when he tells her he knows what makes her heart race. The butler of course! But she didn’t know that. Cute!
It wasn’t until the end though, that the story showed signs of plot development. What is it that Soushi doesn’t want the bunny to say?
His dark side is still pretty sexxy! XD


10 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS 04

  1. I think he's a tanuki, which is sorta like a racoon.

    I'm not very fond of the rabbit guy's smile it's a bit creepy, but the new kids's ok. I also loved the focus on Ririchiyo's kneesocks/thighs <3

  2. My guess to what Soushi doesn't want the bunny guy to say is something that he did in the past which, if you remember the lift part where Ririchiyo void his contract as a secret service agent. Where Soushi is rubbing someone's back.

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