Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! 05

Hello there. I am here to talk/write about the latest episode of PapaKiki. This is my first episodic review I will be doing for the series – besides first impressions. I haven’t been slacking off or anything(he he). Well, a little. But episode after episode I just couldn’t get off my lazy butt get my creative brain cells flowing . . . before this episode came along, that is. All thanks to Hina! How much cuter can she get?

Hina Luna!

I recently read a post about someone finding Hina to be a cute loli, cute enough to make her his girlfriend. He went on about a possible future where relationships with little girls might even be accepted by society one day and I was just like LOL. In case you’re wondering if that’s the case here, no that’s not the case here. This is just a simple observation of mine. Or is it . . .?
Episode 05 started, once again, with Yuuta heading off to one of his much needed jobs, leaving the girls pretty much defenseless to a call from that perverted club president. Not only are the girls prone to danger now, but Miu may even have a thing for him. I guess, he sounds much more charming on the phone. He’s also really good at figuring out what you look like.

Devilish eyes . . . *facepalm.*

That wasn’t the highlight of the episode though. This episode was all about Sora and Yuuta. It was nice to have more insight about her affection towards him. Lets recap on that, shall we? Lets go back, way back, back before the adorable Hina was born . . . and Yuuta was still in middle school.
Are you kidding me? Is this supposed to be him in middle school?!
The suit must be playing tricks on me. Anyway, it turns out that he wasn’t such a bad guy back then either. One of Sora’s most treasured memories of Yuuta was the day he helped her with a knee injury by offering her a band aid. I guess that would explain her attitude towards him after all these years. Afterwards, a dramatic scene played out, similar to the memory of her falling and scraping her knee, as she hurried home to escape the rain. Once again, she falls and immediately thinks of Yuuta. Luckily, Yuuta comes to save the day and so ends the most climactic event.
Unless you prefer to call this the climax. You lolicon pervs are spoiled too much!
The series is definitely progressing after each episode. I have grown to love it. Even though Usagi Drop is a favorite of mine, they are both very special and charming in its own way. Not only is it lighthearted, but insanely funny as well. I hope we get to see more of Raika and her violent ways. Seeing her beat the crap out of that club president always turns my frown upside down. She’s an S!

8 thoughts on “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! 05

  1. This episode surprised me with how mature the characters were at around ~13 years old. I remember when I was that old, my life consisted of school and computer games. Toss me out into the world and I probably wouldn't have lasted a day.

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