Bleach Ch. 481

Chapter 481. The visords appear once again and we are introduced to a new character. But is it a friend or foe?

Right from the start, Hiyori and Lisa are walking home from a public bath house early in the morning . . . it appears they are back in Karakura town, when she smells something fishy – shinigami. So she averts her gaze to a crack on a pipeline.
In a different setting, Ichigo appears to be in his room with the wounded, well, tired Ryuunosuke. Naturally, Orihime barges in with the others – just in time for lunch. Then, what appears to be, Ryuunosuke’s brother comes through the door with the much needed cola. They’re brothers?! I thought one was a girl . . oh I just don’t know anymore! Mangas are hard to figure out.
Brothers? Maybe.
Ichigo shed some light of what went down back there and it turns out Orihime and the others helped out as well. They looked pretty heroic too.
Back in Soul Society . . . Ikaku had important news to share about the people at Rukongai vanishing. Hollows? Now people? What is the meaning of this? >.<
That’s when we are introduced to Ivan Azgiaro! I HOPE he’s an arrancar. No one can replace arrancar #4 though.
Friend or foe?

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