Inu x Boku SS 05, 06

Episode 05 was pretty popular around here. The S&M talk was all over the aniblogsphere. Kagerou sure does know how to start trends. I kinda want to be his slave now and fallow him. But Karuta is his slave. And to top it off, she loves him. This could be a problem.

As long as she doesn’t transform – I may have a chance.
Anyway, before Kagerou showed up, Ririchiyo was contemplating up a way to thank Soushi for all he’s done for her. She decides to write a letter just as she had always done as a little girl to express her emotions, but was not satisfied with the paper she had, so she went for better quality paper. [Who gives a damn about paper!] – Ririchiyo does! I guess that was kind of cute. Aww~ she really cares for the butler. 
On her way home from buying paper, she is startled to know that a stalker who has been sending her text messages was close by. Before she could react, she was saved by none other than Soushi who got there just in time to ward off a drunken man who was about to put the moves on Ririchiyo. Well, that’s that . . . so after a long pause between the two, Ririchiyo’s fiancé finally shows. Fiancé?! Not all that surprising.
This bad mouthed egotistical, not to mention, insanely funny stalker is her fiancé. Once he was done insulting everyone, he began with his S&M tour. For those of you who don’t know . . . a Sadism and Masochism tour. To him, the world is divided between the two. The elevator is a sadist because it loves to make one wait, the floor is a masochist because it loves being stepped on. You get the gist.
He is also terrible with goodbyes. I thought of doing that with my goodbyes – um on second thought no. Only a guy like Kagerou can pull it off. He’s also not a bad character to cosplay. ;) But enough of this episode. It was a funny episode, but lets get to know Karuta now . . .
Episode 06 was super moe. Give Karuta food and this is what you get. A big sadist! She would rather eat than be eaten. She’s always eating XD. It makes me hungry. This dandere is not only weird, she is an exceptionally good cook. Karuta may be quiet, but I don’t think she’s shy. She doesn’t seem to have Ririchiyo’s problem when it comes to bonding with other people. Like Watanuki says, she may be in her own world, but she is aware of her surroundings.
Finally some action! It is a shounen, after all. ;) It was pretty awesome the way she waved around her spear. I have no idea what that mermaid like creature was all about, but it didn’t seem relevant. It was all for show I guess. Any excuses for transformations works for me. It was just nice to see a little action and a bunch of Watanuki’s. Although, she didn’t get around to defeating that thing. In the end, Karuta had to save them both from falling out the window.

I guess that’s what friends are for . . .

ED 05:
Oh Kagerou you never give up.  The ED song was ftw :D

ED 06:
So much food even in the ED.

See. I can be nice.

Final Thoughts:
The series is very charming indeed. The characters are so funny. Curse you people/creators! Using humor to win me over. That’s cruel. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the lack of action in this series. *shakes fist.* Btw who’s Karuta’s seiyuu? She sounds so cute! Kyaa! Can’t wait for next week’s, I mean, this week’s episode. Their Night Alone? Ooooh.

9 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS 05, 06

  1. The S&M part I think was also in Gintama. That is why it's so popular, because a lot of people was surprise that it was going to be in Inu x Boku as well lol!

    I like the Karuta episode the most. She is so cute, I want to take her home. I'm also thinking of getting the figure, although there is none yet but it's already a must buy :P Oh and the ED is so cute! I'm in love!

  2. Ohh I see I see. I must watch Gintama!! I believe Kagerou's Seiyuu also did Gintoki's voice :)

    Ha ha. If you want her love you must go against the all so scary Watanuki and his herd of Tanuki's! XD

  3. I thought the S&M episode was amusing, but I thought the next episode was even better. I loved when Karuta hugged Ririchiyo, it was so cute! That episode also made me laugh a lot more than any other series this season, Inu x Boku looks like it'll be a good series.

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