Black★Rock Shooter 03

BAAD! :D The animation is looking spectacular. But I don’t know where the plot is going from here. The intense drama from episode 02 was exciting to watch. Well, I enjoyed it. And it looks like the situation with Kagari was resolved . . . for now.

When will it be Yuu’s turn?! >.< I'm guessing the series is saving the best for last. :P In the OVA, we get to see Mato resolve things with Yomi, but Yuu was still lurking in the shadows. The series is like a continuation on that. They are probably going to repeat the jealousy moments, though. In this episode we are already getting obvious hints about Yomi’s insecurities and her feelings towards Mato’s friendship with Yuu. That’s right. Her fears are slowly unfolding. Soon they will overwhelm her and she will become Dead Master once again. Muahahaha . . . I don’t know why I did that. I seriously made that laugh just now lol.
Of course, the story hasn’t gotten there yet. It is still focusing on other less important villains right now. The girl with the Tsumugi eyebrows pours her heart out to a guy in this episode and gets rejected in a very humiliating way. To top it off, the teacher/counselor was not really doing her job. What was that all about?! She just made things worse! She was really pissing me off. Meanwhile, in the other world . . . Tsumugi’s “other self” is shaking her ass off. Traumatized, maybe? I just wanted to hug her! T^T This was also around the point where I got lost. Next thing I know BRS is cutting off Tsumugi’s head. :O Don’t ask. It’ll clear up next episode, I hope.
[Images Source: Zerochan]

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