Bleach Ch. 482: Final Arc, Movie, Now TV Ending?

Is that what I think it is?

Last time, Ichigo and the others were confronted by a stranger with a mask who resembled that of an arrancar. In a flash, Ichigo kicks him off of his bed and out the window at the start of this chapter. As he heads off to battle him alone because his friends were too busy eating bread (facepalm), the arrancar(look-alike) reveals himself. And Judging by his mask, Ichigo has not only found out that his opponent is a Quincy, but a very powerful one at that.
Not cute Kubo. Not cute at all!
Back in Soul Society, Ikkaku and Yumichika were still pondering over the problem that occurred in Rukongai. After finding human footprints scattered in a particular area, they theorize that these people were gathered there purposely and transported somewhere. They express glances about having an idea of who or what may have caused this, but don’t really push the subject any further. Damn Kubo and his suspense!
Afterwards, a whole pack of Quincy reveal themselves and declare war on Soul Society. :O These dudes are hiding their masks . . . 
I wonder what Uryuu will do . . . 
I guess, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Too bad were probably not gonna see this on screen. I believe March 27 is the last day Bleach will air on TV. A Bleach movie is in production as well. What could go wrong?
I am excited that Warner Bros. has licensed this live action movie, but it will definitely be Americanized. Oh well. It can’t be any worse than Dragon Ball, right?
I just hope Hollywood doesn’t ruin you. (╥﹏╥)

4 thoughts on “Bleach Ch. 482: Final Arc, Movie, Now TV Ending?

  1. Ah it's the Quincy ey. I don't think Uryuu will side with them of course. And fuck if the live action is going to be something like Dragon Ball the movie, i'll nuke Hollywood.

  2. I don't have high hopes for the live-action adaptation. Dragonball and Avatar the Last Airbender both left a sour taste. Well, we'll see I guess.

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