Ano Natsu de Matteru 07

Good job Kaito-kun. You’re not an idiot after all.

It’s true that most anime series have a beach episode. Another – despite the gruesome deaths and mystery, has a beach episode. I guess, it’s the perfect setting for an anime to spread a little bit of fanservice and some summer heat. Things were definitely heating up in this episode.

And by heating up, I don’t mean Kanna getting drunk . . . again. :P That was just fun to watch. Oh Remon. What I wouldn’t do for a sip of that dynamite drink. (Recap): Last time, we were sort of left with a big cliff hanger – which didn’t seem that important after watching this episode. Ichika was surprised to find Kaito and Kinoshita being a little intimate. So naturally, she ran away. What kind of alien are you? Conquer the damn planet and probe Kaito! Okay, luckily she didn’t do that. Oh, and there was also Mio half naked on top of Tetsurou XD. And Remon on the edge of a cliff overlooking the world like she’s freaking ruler of the universe! *whispers* – She’s an alien . . . !! Moving on . . . This episode was just as entertaining. Not only does Kanna get drunk, she does a little cosplay as well. But before that happened, a few other things occurred.
This episode was probably the most solid episode when it came to Ichika and Kaito’s relationship. They definitely know how they feel about each other. And to prove it, look up at the first image in case you missed it. Nah, of course you didn’t miss it! After Ichika cleared things up with Kinoshita, about whether or not she got dumped, it turns out Kinoshita’s feelings were all just a big misunderstanding, so Kinoshita gave Ichika an opportunity to be alone with Kaito. That’s when Kaito practically reveals his feelings to her and goes on about being the “chaser” rather than the “chasee,” and suddenly puts the moves on Ichika. Gotta say, that was pretty manly of him. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by meow Kanna lol. But don’t think I’ve forgotten about Mio! She was with Tetsurou, helping him run away from that annoying b-word. Somehow, that girl finds them though and tries to continue her pointless date. Of course, not if Mio had anything to say about it! I was surprised that Mio had the courage to tug of war for him. She has gained my respect . . . even if she is a nudist! :P I was actually more shocked when she confessed her feelings to him. :O
In the end, they continued their fun at the beach. Remon kept being her cool mischievous self. But Rinon . . . well, that’s another story. Looks to me like he accidentally made a call to some alien buddies. That, or they have no ship to get back home with. Ah, don’t sweat it Rinon. Ichika is just going to kill you. :)

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