Another 08: Thoughts

Another beach episode. Why is there a beach episode? Oh, I know why. It creates the perfect setting for a side character to die.

Normally, I write more episodic reviews, but every now and then I don’t feel like recapping an episode or going over it. Usually, it’s because I may find that episode boring. Like this beach episode. I haven’t been steadily posting about this series either, have I? Guess that’s my fault. Anyway, as I said, not my favorite episode. Sure that kid(who’s name I don’t know) dies and Misaki and Sakakibara share skinship. Gasp. But the atmosphere wasn’t necessary. It didn’t go with the series. Just like that daydream Sakakibara had about dancing with Misaki. WTF? The only thing relevant in this episode was that kid’s death. Pretty gruesome? I think I’m getting used to seeing the characters die in this series. They’re becoming casual deaths. “Oh look another one today . .” You’d think they’d know that something terrible always happens when they push the subject any further. Stop asking these people to remember what did or didn’t happen! But then we wouldn’t have a story, would we? I did find it funny that, that kid faked his death and fooled everyone. Too bad that was as far as his character development went.
Sorry about my little rant. That wasn’t my intention. I am still looking forward to the next episode and judging by the preview, it looks interesting. The series will probably start wrapping things up – with only four episodes left to go. I gave up trying to uncover the mystery a long time ago. I’ll just enjoy what’s left of this series and let it surprise me. Btw, I never realized how pretty Misaki is, despite the eye patch and all.

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