Bleach Ch. 483

Looking pretty hawt there Ichigo. And Ryuunosuke . . . is a boy after all. Exactly how important is he going to be throughout this arc anyway? To the point. This chapter was basically wrapping up the meet between the Quincy and the Head Captain. Not much else was going on.

After easily being able to break into the office, the Quincy confronted head captain Yamamoto.
Looks like gramps is as stubborn as usual.

Meanwhile, the battle between Ichigo and Ivan continued. Ivan didn’t seem like much of a challenge to begin with. He simply taunted Kurosaki and threw around his flashy weapon. Ichigo grew tired and decided to end it with his bankai. However, as soon as he released it, he realized it was a trap. It was Ivan’s intention to wipe out Ichigo’s bankai. Well, that didn’t work.
It takes more than that to defeat Ichigo, silly.
Concurrently, the Quincy continued their conversation with gramps. Having underestimated the enemy, Sasakibe was sacrificed. In addition, they declared that in 5 days, Soul Society would be annihilated by the Vandenreich (what they call themselves).
By now I’m wondering, where the hell are the the other Shinigami? Were all the captains and vice captains defeated by these Quincy? It could be that the Quincy were behind the human and hallow disappearances. They do look like Arrancar, after all. Maybe they’ve been hiding in Hueco Mundo. Probably devouring hollows and getting stronger.
Ah what a boring chapter. We need more Toshiro!! Since Kubo already ruined my chance with Ulqui. (¬.¬)

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