Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou 09

Man, I haven’t been posting about this series as frequently as I should. I’ll just blame it on school. He he. The series is still pretty good and the gags are hilarious. Some better than others, and some I just don’t get. However, I may just be lacking the Japanese humor.

High School Boys and Older Brothers and Sisters

In this gag we got to see more of Tabata, Yuusuke(Hidenori’s older brother). Love this megane! Apparently, so does Yoshitake’s sister because she told them, they were dating . . .

Their reaction: LOL. It was new to megane’s ears too. *slaps knee*
Naturally, they huddled and Yoshitake asked Tabata to hook her up with one of his friends. It turns out that all of his friends are perverts. So after settling with a pervert – they froze when asked if she was cute. They never got a good look at her face. Ha ha – in this anime most girls have no face. But that opening song is ftw!

High School Boys and Drop-Kicks

This was another Hidenori gag – love those. This time he contemplated near a river bank about boredom when he suddenly gets kicked from behind by some girl. It turns out he was mistaken for someone else. Afterwards, the actual target appears on his bike. Consequently, he urges the boy to kick her and give her a taste of her own medicine. Instead, the boy breaks into tears, touched by Hidenori’s words. :’D Hence, Hidenori helps him up to share a friendly hug . . . BL? (Inner fujoshi growls).

High School Boys and the End of Summer

How many summers have gone by in this series?? Srsly . . . Well, this is another boy/girl moment. What is it about Hidenori that attracts all these girls? The glasses? In this gag, the attention turns to the previous girl as she builds up the courage to confess her infatuation for Hidenori after having spent the summer days with him. However, before she could confess . . Hidenori reveals that they are actually cousins. XD So what? I’ve seen plenty of anime where a mere family relation doesn’t stop them (lol).

High School Boys and Glasses

This one just goes to show how stupid boys can be. They walk all around school, looking for Hidenori’s glasses until, eventually, someone notices he had them over his head the whole time. *facepalm*

High School Boys and the Daily Lives of the Student Council

The poor Student Council members have been demoted to doing the dirty work other people around the school don’t care to do. In addition, we learned that the President is really useless. Besides sitting around, he sometimes cleans the room. More of a maid than a president if you ask me XD.

High School Boys and Panties

This was probably the funniest gag. The Vice President comes in one day feeling guilty about intentionally looking at another girl’s panties and ends up discussing it with Motoharu. Motoharu claims he wouldn’t feel any regret and so they decide to put it to the test. Therefore, Vice Prez calls Ringo(female Student Council President) for their victim. Out of nowhere the President is suddenly a part of it (that perv). It was funny how they deviously put her in a situation where she had to climb a ladder.

Of course. After feeling guilty, the VP just had to try it again (lol).

High School Boys and Wiring

After feeling guilty about the panties incident, Motoharu decides to make it up by being generous. They start by helping out another school with a network problem, but somehow end up debating with the school’s President about the better, as in badder, VP. In the end, the Vice Prez purposely trips the female President with a wire. Didn’t find it very humorous and all I got from it was that the President is like a father figure to the VP. Te he. Plus, why do all the VP’s look so old in this anime?


We couldn’t forget about the funky school girls eh? :) I enjoyed the over exaggeration in this one. They really emphasized the fact that Habara was a big bully in Elementary. A mini battle scene greatly exaggerated and full of drama XD.
The realism and the magnitude of its portrayal is what makes up a lot of the jokes. This is a good laugh every week. To think there are only 3 weeks left of comedic relief. Sigh.
[Image Source: Pixiv]

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