Bleach Ch. 484

These last few chapters have been full of mystery. I’m still not sure what the Vandenreich are all about. Is that what they call themselves, or are the Vandenreich allies of the enemy? We did get a glimpse of their secret hideout, though.

The story continues where it left off. The Quincy/Arrancar were still there, evoking Yamamoto’s impatience. Oh come on! Leave the old guy alone! Anyway, they never made it clear whether they were referring to themselves as the Vandenreich or if they were talking about some other enemy. Another enemy would certainly make things more interesting.
Before disappearing(by means of garganta?), they simply told Yamamoto they weren’t going to reveal who they really were because it should have been easy to guess. And by the looks of it, Yamamoto had no clue. However, Vice Captain Sasakibe reveals they can bankai – no shit.
Secret hideout . . .
In the mean time, Ichigo was kicking Ivan’s ass. Ivan was still processing the fact that Ichigo’s bankai was still intact. Why does the enemy always underestimate him? But after realizing defeat, Ivan was picked up by a strange shadow and disappeared. Although, not before revealing to Ichigo that the shadow only hides the chosen ones. What? Chosen ones?
Afterwards, the setting turns to their hideout and the Quincy/Arrancar/Hollow(whatever they are). One decides to reveal his face and act all high and mighty . . . and we could already tell Ivan and him don’t get along. But as soon as they start arguing, the cocky one gets his arm chopped off. It turns out that the empire’s king hates fights. – But not violence?
Kenpachi is that you? – Can’t be. He loves fights!

What a two-faced king?! He’s definitely gonna get on my nerves.

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