Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai 08, 09

Loving PapaKiki! The story is moving pretty well. The drama is light and not too intense, which I prefer. It is surprisingly very bland and drama-less even though it does occasionally have its nice moments. It is certainly no Usagi Drop. But that’s not a bad thing. ;)

The conflict that arose in episode 07 was quickly resolved in episode 08. It was of no surprise that Hina managed to win the land lady’s heart as well.
However, despite having solved the problem rather effortlessly, Yuuta won’t always have Hina to hide behind. So far, we have only gotten a taste of the hardships they will encounter. Miu and Sora have begun school again and in order to get there, they must now take a 2-3 hour train ride. In episode 09 we get to see them commute and it is already becoming a problem for Miu.
Miu, being the most well-rounded character, has the most trouble adjusting to the schedule. Sora, on the other hand, seems to have a more positive outlook and is genuinely unaffected. Having to wake up 2 hours earlier than usual, they must now find the time to finish their homework during school hours in order to use up the rest of the time getting home, but most of that was portrayed with Miu. She’s smart, popular, athletic . . . no wonder she falls asleep in class. Even though she is quite mature for a 10 year old, she is still a child.
Being the middle child, she has adult-like, yet child-like traits. Her childish side was reflected the moment she started yearning for new shoes, she couldn’t afford to buy, so it was nice having Nimura there to help mend her tired heart. Sometimes we just need to spoil a kid. ;)
Even though Nimura was wiling to buy her new shoes, it was nice seeing her more mature side brush off his offer and value the thought instead. In return, Nimura paid for her shoe repair and made her “Cinderella” for the day. Nevertheless, when the clock struck 12(actually 6), the magic had to end. Luckily, Nimura’s efforts weren’t in vain. In the end, Miu left a little more optimistic.
Presently, it looks like next week’s episode will shed some light on Sora. It might just repeat the same pattern from this episode and eventually there will be one for Yuuta. In the direction the series is headed, the most climactic scene will probably be when they finally reveal to Hina the truth about her parents. What about Raika? Will she end up marrying Yuuta? A happily ever after indeed.
The fanservice is also pretty light. There may have been a few taboo moments here and there, but never that drastic. It is quite easy to get past that for this series.

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