What is Boomslank?

B O O M L A N K is a project run and created by a group of brothers who sell anime based graphic tees and iPhone cases. And like the graphic you see above, all their designs are original works as well.

P. Shinobi – the artist behind the decorations, has displayed tremendous talent. I am tempted to buy an iPhone myself in order to get my hands on those cool cases. Nevertheless, the tees are just as good. You rarely come across such unique and creative anime styled products. Do not miss your chance!

If you haven’t checked out Boomslank, go see what they have to offer at www.shop.boomslank.com! – Or simply go to find out what Boomslank means. ;)

They also have their own blog! – which I thought was pretty cool. It contains a lot of anime-related posts, as well as plenty of posts regarding Boomslank discounts and products!


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