Ano Natsu de Matteru 10


With only two episodes left, we finally get that alien goodness we’ve been waiting for. Scratch that. The alien goodness appeared 2 episodes ago along with that big alien pod and Rinon’s piloting skills. Ichika’s secret was revealed since then and her relationship with Kaito has been settled(thanks to Kanna). They are now Mr. and Mrs. Kaito-kun(no they didn’t get married).
Ichika is obviously the seme in this relationship.

Ichika: “What is this?”
Lemon: “It is only bubble gum Ichika – only bubble gum fu fu fu fu . . . “

Remon ftw! But aren’t things moving too fast Remon? Nonsense! Well in other news, Rinon is a girl. I never knew what he/she was, until now. After that kiss from Kaito, that is. How was it Rinon? Ha ha. Moving on . . . it’s starting to feel like I’m interviewing characters here.
Kanna is still upset. It breaks my heart to see her hurting over a kid who is not worth it. Seriously. Kaito is not good enough for Kanna. At least, she has Tetsurou to comfort her even though it’s also sad on his part. Then we have Mio. It’s like an emotional roller coaster! A ride only the strong hearted can handle. Something they all possess.

Now, I say this because despite the emotional pain they are going through, they still have the strength to genuinely care for their rivals and endure. I honestly don’t know if I would willingly give up my true love to my friend and keep that friendship – the way Tetsurou does, or tries to do. Mio on the other hand suffers for them both and probably endures more than the rest. I like that her new character is more confident and unlike the others, she confessed her feelings rather quickly. She is more at risk to losing to Kanna now so in an attempt to win Tetsurou’s heart she has put herself out there countless times. That deserves my respect. The same goes for Tetsurou. Mio was initially the one I was rooting for in this love Pentagon, but now that Tetsurou and Kanna have confessed, it has certainly stirred my feelings on the matter. I don’t know whether this is all about Ichika x Kaito or Kanna x Tetsurou x Mio. The emphasis varies between the two a lot. 
In many ways, the series is very similar to Ano Hana – both having the same director and all. However, very different as well. I have not seen Onegai Teacher so I cannot comment much about that, but what I like about Ano Natsu is that it has taken a different approach from Ano Hana. Ano Natsu has, so far, successfully delivered more character development that may or may not affect the ending of the series. Ano Hana of course had a great ending despite that detail, but because Ano Natsu admitted it – could it possibly surpass our beloved Ano Hana? I am anxious to see how things will turn out.

“Another hot alien?!! I’ll never get my shot with Kaito-kun!”

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