Black Rock Shooter 07: Making Sense of It All


I’m back with BRS! Hopefully I make sense because I don’t really get what’s going on. I still find many things confusing and will probably have to re-watch some episodes in order to better understand the series.  However, this episode managed to shed some light on all the mystery, so here goes nothing!

The other world was created to bear the pain of the girls. A world without emotions. Not only that, but the world comes with your own personal fighter . . . cool. In this world, your fighter would feel no pain, no sadness, no joy. It simply reacts on instinct and beats the crap out of another fighter. In the past few episodes, it was proven that if one defeats the other . . . the emotional pain one felt in the real world would suddenly be forgotten and disappear. In which case, your fighter would represent your sadness. Interestingly enough, BRS was the one putting an end to all the suffering. Being the strongest fighter, who would put an end to her sadness?

It is revealed in this episode that BRS’s strength was fueled by her passive attitude and genuine ignorance of pain – ignoring pain itself. She simply accepted pain and let it fuel her resolve to help her friends. A selfless act? Another Madoka? lol. Unfortunately, all that selflessness made her go insane. Hence, insane BRS. Like the bird in her book who takes on all the colors and eventually dies, Mato takes on all the suffering to near breaking point. The inclusive concept about shadows was also quite amusing. The fact that a mere shadow determines their existence was intriguing. It’s as if their shadow represented their emotions. In other words, what makes you human. But what is it that creates a shadow? In order to have one, light must be present. You can’t create darkness without light, the same way you can’t experience happiness without sadness.

The shadow can also be interpreted as a linkage between the real world and the other world. Once that shadow disappears, the linkage is gone. In Yuu’s case, it was her way of escaping reality. By switching places with STRength, she manages to escape the pain and suffering of the real world. However, Yuu still worried for her safety, so she “hired” Saya as her body guard. To protect Yuu, she awoke the alter egos of many girls so as to delay BRS. At least, now we know the reason behind her actions. I still don’t know why Yuu went insane, though. It took a turn of unexpected events.

In the end, Yomi remembers Mato. However, instead of Mato doing all the saving, it looks like Yomi will lend a hand this time. It all comes down to friendship, I guess. Can’t wait to see how it concludes. :)

P.S. Wouldn’t it be funny if they end it with something like:

“Don’t forget. Somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone?”

[Images Via: Zerochan]


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