Bleach Ch. 485

Dude! It’s so good! Make the jump!

Once again, where it left off. That cocky arrancar (oh yeah we find out Ivan and he are arrancar) gets his arm chopped off and so is seen laying on the ground, panting with pain, as he struggles to speak to his so called “master” . . . Buckbeard. Buckbeard, who turns out to be a total tyrant – yes, worse than OH MA SHOE – declares to cut off his legs as well since he won’t bother to use them. It is very rude to speak to someone while laying down, regardless of your condition. ;) And so, just like that, he gets rid of the two arrancar because he can. That just goes to show you how merciless and evil he can be.

Meanwhile, back in Ichigo’s room, Uryuu and the others are not even worried about Ichigo. All is good with the friends . . . tra la la la la~ Until, finally Ryuunosuke gets a call from Soul Society giving him the bad news about Sasakibe’s death. Uryuu theorizes that Soul Society purposely gave Yuki, a common soldier, such detailed information because they wanted Kurosaki to know. Hence, Soul Society expects Ichigo’s cooperation in the near future. As Ichigo contemplated that during one of his patrols . . . guess who shows up?
Fucken Nel!!  Where have you been?!!
Yess!! Now, where’s Ulquiorra? I know he’ll appear – I just know it! Anywho, Nel drops from the sky and gives Ichigo one of her usual greetings. :D It appears that, Hueco Mundo is in trouble.
Back in Hueco Mundo, the Quincy or “Vandenreich”(rolls eyes) ask Buckbeard whether it was alright to eliminate such valuable fighting machines like the arrancar and so the tyrant decides to dump this on us . .

She is alive?!
How did this happen? Apparently, Buckbeard has plenty of arrancar to go around.
Kubo does not fail! We are being spoiled with arrancar. The arrancar saga was the best arc anyway, why not bring them back? :) Alright! I am pumped and ready for the next chapter! I cannot wait!
It was kind of funny that Sasakibe dies, though. Not being mean, but it’s as if Kubo planned it somehow. It’s not like the Vice Captain of the first division had much character development to begin with. He was just there. Looks like he lived out his purpose. A shitty purpose.
Oh, and just for the record . . . something I forgot to throw out there. Back in Soul Society when the Vandenreich infiltrated the first squad’s barracks, they managed to kill 106 members in 182 seconds. That’s . . . 3 minutes. I don’t know if this is of any relevance, but to kill off that many members – from the first division? I doubt that Yamamoto’s division was weak. Were they? Looks like Soul Society has an epic battle on its hands.
P.S. Buckbeard is a stupid name. Just saying.

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