Guilty Crown: Final Impressions

There is no doubt that Guilty Crown was one of the most visually stunning to watch. From the music to the animation, Guilty Crown became a favorite among many. However, plot-wise and character-wise . . . it could use a little more work.

Like many, I had pretty high expectations in the series, but it turned out to be very troll-like the way it messed with your emotions whenever a character died and in some occasions, brought characters back to life (cough cough – Gai). I even stopped blogging about it because I preferred to keep the raging to myself. It became quite easy to depict the similarities it had to Code Geass. Although, I don’t think it lived up to its predecessor. Still, despite the lack of character development(something I wish it had more of), I’m glad I watched it. There was no bigger troll than “OH MA SHOE.” I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated with a character in my life! Yet, that bittersweet ending almost made me cry. Oh well. At least I got some pretty cool songs out of this. And that first episode was one of the best intro’s I’ve ever seen!


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