Bleach Ch. 486

Sasakibe dies. Lets attend his funeral, shall we?

The chapter continues with Nel and Ichigo . . . and Pesche. Remember him? I always found him pretty funny. However, the humor in the manga is delivered a little different than the anime. Maybe it’s because I watched the TV series first. All I can say is that the manga rarely makes me laugh. Although, it delivers its action pretty well.

Seeing Ichigo and Nel together is still pretty cute, though.

After a little comedic relief, the setting shifts back to Soul Society where all Shinigami gathered for Sasakibe’s funeral. It looks like I deeply underestimated Yamamoto’s lieutenant. Apparently Sasakibe had mastered his Bankai way before Kyouraku and Ukitake. He was definitely captain material, but his loyalty to the old man was too great. Too bad we’ll never get to see his Bankai.
Meanwhile, Ichigo and the others plan to save a few hollows, however, Uryuu refuses (suspicious). By the looks of it, Halibel had been governing Hueco Mundo, until tyrant came to take her away. She wasn’t the only one. Supposedly, many arrancar are being abducted to be used as Vanguard.
Luckily, Urahara offers assistance. Dafuq did you come from?

He knows everything . . .
At this point, it’s not so hard to predict Ichigo’s actions. Speaking of which, a new face appears with Ivan’s medallion, discussing plans with Buckbeard, concerning Ichigo’s Bankai. They sure want his Bankai. Really looking forward to next week’s chapter. Off to Hueco Mundo it is!
It feels like the story is moving too fast. Guess mangas have that effect. I just hope this arc is not too short.

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