Saint Seiya Omega 01: First Impressions

In an attempt to indulge my nostalgia, I decided to pick up the Omega series this season. In case you’re wondering about the Saint Seiya franchise, here is a brief overview:

Saint Seiya centers around the Goddess Athena and her 88 warriors called Saints. They fight wearing armor called ‘Cloths’ which determine their rank and constellation they were born under. Seiya, being the main protagonist, along with 4 other major characters, have a duty to fight and protect the Goddess from any evil.

The franchise is rather old. It dates back to the 1980’s, but I was lucky enough to have an uncle come along with a bundle of Saint Seiya dvds, and it became one of the best summers of my life!(How sad :P) Of course, being an 80’s shounen, the story isn’t very complex. It is very easy to follow, very easy to read, and at times . . . very corny. But, its battles are epic, the transformations are great, and it gives you a chance to explore a story greatly influenced by Greek mythology – part of the reason I enjoyed it so much.

Judging from the first episode of the Omega series, it was practically recapping a similar introduction to the old franchise. The only difference being, Kouga, a thirteen year old boy taking over as the new protagonist. But it was very nice to see Seiya as a pre-existing character . . . for the first three minutes he remained alive, that is.

As for the animation, it is very eye catching with similar bright tones to Heartcatch Precure! The character designs are also very appealing. However, don’t expect too much character development or deep story telling. It has been very simple, so far, with your typical villain moving the story forward as he swoops in to take the Goddess captive. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the series revolved around Kouga attempting to rescue her. On the bright side, Saint Seiya has been known for its wide variety of bishies, so there is no doubt that he will be gaining a bit of help from several bishounen along the way. Where my girls at?

On another note . . . wouldn’t you like to know what type of character falls under your constellation? For the record, Sagittarius is the best. ;)

Well, enough fangirling. I won’t even attempt to preach this series because I know it doesn’t hold up very well with other, more “modern,” anime. Its story has been told. Instead, I attempt to persuade you with music. :)

Saint Seiya Opening


Omega Opening

. . . I love that they used the same theme song!



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