Happy One Year Anniversary to Cely_belly nonsense!

Great! I’ve always wanted to write one of these.

Yup! It’s this nonsense’s birthday. Born April 4th, 2011 . . . I think. I am a horrible admin. I can’t even remember the day. It was April – that I’m sure of.

(Ehem) I have prepared a speech. Nah I’m just messing with you . . . but I will give thanks. To all my lurkers, readers, commentators . . . I thank you all for taking the time out of your precious lives to actually read my nonsense. Especially ReiNopy, and Façade for constantly leaving me presents. Go stalk their site!

I know that this is usually the time when most bloggers whip out their page views and stats, but my stats aren’t very impressive *sobs.* Instead, here is a SoShi vid to distract you. ;)

Now, if you’ll excuse me . . . I believe Homura dropped off some cake. Cakes are so much fun to eat. You can design them yourself and get all gay about it~ (─‿‿─)

If you want to know more about the nonsense and more about me, head on over to my “about” page. It’s full of nonsense.

[Image Source: Pixiv]



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