Bleach Ch. 487

Ichigo and the others infiltrate hollow land! Remember the first time he stepped on hollow ground? Those were the days.

Urahara helps them cross over to Hueco Mundo, but they end up falling from a rather high place while making a lot of noise in the process. Luckily no tyrant soldier gave the noise a second thought. There was some comedic relief here and there, but this time . . . it was actually funny. And things weren’t looking too good as they realized the pile of dead bodies around them.
Cute!! >.<

What seemed to be a rescue party for Dondochakka took a little detour. Ichigo and the others decided that while they’re at it, they might as well rescue as many hollows along the way.
Meanwhile, the Iacto Arme was recruiting a few arrancars. They were to be divided into two groups: the ones who get to live, and the ones who die. Their chances of living weren’t looking too good either since their supervisor was some Nazi looking tyrant. It wasn’t until two crazy arrancars decided to fight back.
Do they have to introduce themselves? Oo

In case you forgot, these two were a couple of Aizen’s followers back when Orihime was playing prisoner. Unfortunately, these two aren’t very strong so they get beat pretty easily. However, according to Nazi tyrant, passing the test meant having the guts to rebel so he let them live. And because this is Bleach, it has yet to leave us with another cliffhanger.
They’re alive? wtf!

It is confirmed . . . Bleach characters never die!!! By now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gin made a guest appearance.
I cannot wait for next week’s chapter! It looks like the arrancar will have no choice but to fight along side the shinigami. Well, assuming the Vandenreich are really that strong. It would certainly make for a happy ending. An unlikely alliance between hollow and shinigami, who would have thought?

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