Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead: First Impressions

Looking pretty manly there Ayumu . . .

Ah yes . . . another fine series full of nonsense, and wacky characters you will not find anywhere else. If you are not familiar with this series you better stop right there and start watching the first season – trust me you’ll find it pretty dam funny. The story revolves around Ayumu, a zombie/mahou shoujo, who happens to live with three magical girls: A vampire ninja, a necromancer, and a mahou shoujo. Not your typical harem, huh? It’s almost as if the creator randomly chose the character’s characteristics. However, I happen to enjoy the random.
The humor is its best trait. It is silly and fun. Seeing Ayumu rot in the sun never gets old. It does have its dafuq? moments here and there, but whatever, I enjoy laughing at those too. A character I hope to see more of is Orito(Ayumu’s best pal). I find him highly amusing. He will probably end up being forever alone in this series, again.


One thing that does not fair well with me is ecchi, although, #korezon’s ecchi is not so over the top. At least, I didn’t find it highly annoying. Maybe because Ayumu is also sexually targeted . . . 
Moé :)
There were rarely any differences between this first episode and the first season. Other than the alcoholic who barfs rainbows, only other difference is the opening. Although, it’s sung by the same artist. It looks like the ED is also. The ending however, looks the same. And the new addition to the cast was delightfully funny. I don’t know how old she is, but that scene where she drunkily kept Ayumu from drinking because he was too young was hilarious.
Aah~ Leave the drinking to us adults, Ayumu XD.
As for the rest, it’s pretty much the same. Eu is still being a mute, Haruna is still in love with Ayumu, Seraphim still thinks he’s a pervert, Ayumu is still engaged with a vampire XD. Crazy. Not much has changed . . . and I’m okay with that!

I’ll be posting about it from now on. It’ll be a fun series to cover. :)

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