Bleach Ch. 488

OMG Bleach! I almost forgot. :P

Where were we? Ah yes, Harribel’s minions were being all annoying. There was a lot of yelling . . various uses of the b-word . . ya. In the end, they get there butts whooped!(whipped?)
Meanwhile Nel was being all cute . . . and stupid. She’s like oh ma gawd it’s the tres bestias!…they are the shit! Silly Nel. They are not that strong. As you know they get beat up . . as if being burned to death was not enough. Seriously I thought they died. This is really bothering me . . . 

But it’s cool! Things are starting to get interesting back in Soul Society. Um, what’s his face? . . . Mayuri confirmed his suspicions about the Vandenreich being Quincys. Then it all got like . . .
Shit’s about to go down . . .

All Captains and Vice Captains were to prepare for battle. The old man was obviously still raging for his loss. And Ichigo was just in time to rumble with that Nazi. :O
Kind of looking forward to next week’s chapter, kind of lol. I don’t know. This was a very bland chapter. Things need to get exciting quick!

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