Kimi to Boku. 2: First Impressions

How are you not watching this?

Don’t normally gif, but today I’ll make an exception. I remembered that I had not published my first impressions for this series yet, so here they are!

The first two episodes reminded me why I liked the first season so much. Bishies! No just kidding. That’s only a part of it. ;) One of the reasons is the way the relationships are portrayed. I really like watching them just do nothing. Isn’t that what slice-of-life is? I find many slice-of-life series boring more often than not, but not so much Kimi to Boku. And like most slice-of-life series, it has a hint of realism which helps the viewer relate to their very subtle lives. It is surprisingly heartwarming and humorous as well. The comedy has a lot to do with the cast, though. They can be very amusing to watch when they’re simply talking or having lunch – which is probably going to happen in every episode. My favorite character amongst them is definitely Kaname(dude with the umbrella – that’s him). And no it has nothing to do with the fact that he is a megane(kyaa!).

And my second reason . . . romance! Yes, finally! The first season had quite a development forming between Mary and Chizuru. It looks like this season will focus a lot more on them. We can already tell from that second episode. :) Unfortunately, her affection towards Shun is still intact. It is usually from these kinds of predicaments that drama disperses – but this is not that kind of anime. I’d say it does a pretty good job with keeping the ambiance calm, despite it being a shounen. The animation, on the other hand, is very shoujo-ish. But I think it helps emphasize its simplicity.
The only thing I had a hard time adjusting to was the OP and ED. I really liked the first season’s opening, that’s why. SMH. Although, by the second episode, I didn’t find the songs so horrible anymore. They’re good songs . . . it’s just hard to let go of the old ones. The anime always carried a great soundtrack, predominantly.
Overall, it is a good series for those of you who are looking to balance out all the action from this season. If that’s not the case, maybe you’re into cats. This show is pretty famous for its frequent display of cats XD.
Speaking of which, ever had the urge to count them? Here’s someone who did . . . check out their post.

[Image Source: Zerochan]


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