Acchi Kocchi 01, 02: First Impressions

It’s like Lucky Star, but cuter.

Actually, I have a hard time believing this. I thought it was cute and funny, but I happen to find Lucky Star pretty cute too. After watching the first episode of Acchi Kocchi, I do believe Lucky Star is funnier in every way. EVERY WAY! Nah . . too soon to twell. Twell oO? Oh typographical errors.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it. It was actually rather enjoyable. Comedy was what it constantly tried to deliver, but not everything was a ‘ha ha’ moment for me. Except anything to do with Mayoi. She was hella-larious!

This scene . . .
Other than usagi here, Io would be my next excuse for sticking around. But I’ll fill you in on that later. The rest of the cast is not as interesting. Maybe Hime for epically nose bleeding all the time. Plus, she is dubbed by the same seiyuu as Tsukasa! Tsumiki though is just like Konata, but less awesome and more tsundere. The cat ears are cute . . . however, that hair on top um, no. And Inui – he’s just there to make Io look cool.
For example.
Surprisingly, there is a lot of romance between Io and Tsumiki. She is your classical tsundere crushing on the guy of her dreams. I don’t ship this. More comedy, less mushy stuff please! >.< All of this was especially portrayed in the second episode. I did find episode 2 slightly more enjoyable. Even though the funniest scenes were all towards the middle. The series has a bad habit of dragging towards the beginning and the end. Not good. Good thing Io knows how to keep the ladies interested.
Your lips look so soft and sweet . . . Cely.” (I can dream, can’t I?)
This was me afterwards . . .
Dead . . . XO.
This is why I’ll be sticking around a little while longer. You see, I have this thing for megane bishies. And Okamoto, Nobuhiko does a great job at making him sound delicious. Wahaha delicious! Speaking of which . . . 
I would still eat this cake no matter how cute! :3
So far, I give it a 7.2. I would rate it higher if it weren’t for the soundtrack. I find the OP song pretty annoying and the ED pretty boring. Although, the nendoroids are something new.

Not sure if I’ll be covering this series yet. Maybe every once in a while, just to fill you in on my epic nosebleeds XD. Til then!

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