Sankarea 01, 02: First Impressions


This is why I watch anime. :D
So I already watched the first two episodes and the main reason I picked up this series was for the zombies. I figured there was going to be some romance, but what the hell?! When is Rea gonna die?! . . . and be reborn . . . as a zombie . . . you know? :P Judging from next weeks episode, I doubt that the potion she took, worked. Rage!! Ha ha well, I can be very impatient sometimes. I just hope she fucking turns! >.<
Oh my, evil Cely slipped out, but no worries I shut her up and sat her in the corner. :) Back to you, pleasant Cely . . .
Oh my Jesus! (╯3╰)
(Pleasant Cely is probably worse).
For one thing, I have no problem with nekos or neko-like hair. That is just fanservice, right? I approve! Another anime with the constant display of cat ears is Acchi Kocchi. Not only that, but the sequel to Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? has a zombie theme as well. This season is just filled with similarities, isn’t it?
An important factor that must never be overlooked is the opening and ending of a series. Do not overlook these! Unless the song totally sucks and is not orgasmic to your ears. However, both songs were great. It is pretty rare when an anime delivers a generallly good OP and ED. I really enjoyed the slower ED in contrast to the more upbeat OP. It was nice to see the change of pace. After all, the anime is not all fun and games, it has its fair share of drama as well. I didn’t expect Rea to have serious daddy issues. Although, it’s hard to relate to her situation, so I don’t feel bad for her. It’s not like she’ll be putting up with it any longer. Pretty soon she will be a zombie and Furuya will be there to take responsibility. It’s all good.
Overall, the series is pretty solid. The only problem I have with the anime is Ranko. She is so annoying and shameless. It annoys me. As for the ecchi, that’s all Ranko. So remove Ranko and it is perfect!

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