Bleach Ch. 489

Alright! Suspicions are answered, tension arises, and Soul Society is forever in the midst of the problem.

There was plenty of info dump in this chapter. For starters, we find out what happens with the citizens of Rukongai and it turns out that it has nothing to do with the Vandenreich. While waiting for the Captains to end their meeting, Kira shares his suspicions to the other vice captains about the Rukongai disappearances. He went over the fact that this particular district was poor, therefore, they couldn’t afford shoes, so he concluded that the sandal footprints were those of shinigami. Immediately he assumed Captain Kurotsuchi was hiding something since the members of his department were in charge of the investigation, but after probing Nemu for answers, she claimed she knew nothing of the matter.
Not good . . . This is no time to start distrusting each other . . .
In the mean time, Ichigo was getting ready to get down.

It was of no surprise that the enemy knew his name . . . Ichigo kept his cool like always. But based on the fact that they used hirenkyaku as a technique, Ichigo realized that he was fighting Quincies. Kirge then confirmed his suspicions. At this point, I wonder if Ichigo will hesitate to attack them since he is pretty close to a Quincy himself.
But while all the fighting was going on between Ichigo and Kirge, the Vandenreich leader had a change of plans and decided to attack Soul Society while Ichigo was preoccupied. Oooh . . . smart. Someone who is finally wary of Ichigo’s power. It’s too bad the old man was pretty preoccupied himself, discussing things with Mayuri. That’s when Mayuri confessed to having exterminated all of the Rukongai citizens in order to restore the Soul balance. However, the old man scolded him for doing so without permission and blamed the entire situation on Mayuri. Of course, Mayuri retorted by reminding him that he had already warned him about it, back when Uryuu Ishida infiltrated Soul Society. Instead, Mayuri accused him for the problem because he failed to kill “that one man.”

Why am I not surprised? Another blast from the past! Overall, this chapter was pretty solid. There was some drama, suspense . . . well there’s always suspense, but this was good suspense, you know? A lot of tension between the Captains and Vice captains! – which couldn’t have happened at a worse time. But Ichigo will make things right, right? lol
P.S.  Mayuri is so freakin cool.

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