Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: First Impressions

Aliens love anime!! :O

I am two episodes in and I am loving it. Nyaruko is rapidly becoming my favorite character of the season. Despite the fact that she is a perv and a Cthulhu(whatever that is) I find her highly amusing. From what I’ve read, the anime has constant tropes regarding H.P. Lovecraft’s stories, but I am not familiar with Lovecraft, so I am probably not laughing at the right moments. :D However, the parodies don’t end there. I know a pokeball when I see one . . .

This is funneh stuff! But in case you haven’t watched it for whatever reason, the anime is about Nyaruko, a “Nyarlatoteph,” who takes the shape of a silver haired girl and becomes Mahiro Yasaka’s protector after saving him from an alien encounter. It turns out that she was sent to Earth to protect Mahiro after practically begging for the assignment as an excuse to get her hands on Earth’s entertainment(e.g. anime, manga – for they are highly valued throughout the universe), and as an excuse to get close to Mahiro.

Mahiro, on the other hand, does his best to not stoke the fire since Nyaruko is a big perv. She is so shameless. Mahiro has no choice but to resort to violence.

Say NO to alien abuse.

Interesting. Most male characters wouldn’t try so hard to resist an overly perverted moé girl – but Mahiro surpassed all expectations. I don’t blame him. All Nyaruko talks about is sex and babies lol. Then I started wondering what Nyarlatotephs looked like and here is what I found . . . [click at your own risk].

Hmm . . . they would make interesting looking babies. Reminds me of that scene from MIB.

Of course, every love story must carry drama. I just wasn’t expecting Yuri.

Cthuko(red head) is Nyaruko’s childhood friend, but of a different species, and in their world a different species indicates an enemy. However, Cthuko has always loved Nyaruko and according to her, if she can’t have her no one will. Yandere much? I feel bad for Mahiro.

As for the OP and ED, they don’t totally suck. The ED song was really cute and it went really well with its equally cute and playful animation. However, the OP seemed like a better fit for this kind of series.

Overall, I find the series pretty solid in terms of comedy. In terms of plot, it’s wacky and all over the place, but it hasn’t failed to bring something new to the story in every episode. Because it’s a parody, it will solve its problems rather quickly and episodically – much like Medaka Box. The cool thing about this series though, is that it’s about aliens and who doesn’t love aliens? :)


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