A Batch of First Impressions: Spring 2012 – Part 1

Yo! There were plenty of series I had yet to cover and I didn’t want to make each individual post, so I decided to dump them all here . . . Yeah. Here are my very subjective first impressions~ enjoy!
In alphabetical order: [Accel World, Eureka Seven AO, Jormungand, Kuroko no Basket, Medaka Box, Natsuiro Kiseki, Nazo no Kanojo X]. Part 2 is underway!

Accel World:
Episodes in: 3

Set in the year 2046, technology plays a big role in this anime. It’s all about virtual world’s and hanging out in Skyrim type settings because that’s where the all the cool people hang out. However, the story is about Haru, a social outcast, who ends up getting involved with the most popular girl in school. So far, there is no indication of any serious romance. If there is, I’m not feeling it. I find the characters pretty dull and boring, but I enjoy the sci-fi and mecha and a bishie named Takumu, although, that’s as far as my fruition goes. But because I am so positive(I really am) I refuse to think that 3 episode justifies me dropping a 24 episodes series, so I will keep watching.

Eureka Seven AO:
Episodes in: 2
No need to brief you in on this one, do I? Funny thing is, I haven’t watched the prequel of this series. I read so many reviews with praise and eeps of nostalgic moments, so my curiosity got the best of me. I can see how this series can initiate nostalgia(judging from the pic above). Although it feels like I’m cheating, so I’m probably gonna go back(into time) and watch E7 and then continue where I left off . . . OR I can watch both at the same time. ;) I don’t know, I really like the mecha and the Stereopony EDugh I’ll just watch Eureka Seven over the weekend.
Episodes in: 2
Her name is Koko, she is loco . . . I said oh no! Can you believe I initially thought she was a man?(oh no!) I blame the animation for being so “unique.” As for the plot, it follows Koko, a young arms dealer, and Jonah, an emotionless child soldier, who joins Koko and her crew’s escapades around the world. Not something that I would generally watch, but there was not enough action in my watchlist, so I decided to pick this up. By the second episode, I went totally lesbian for Koko(much like Valmer XP). I can see why so many follow her. Also, the OP is AMAZING!

Kuroko no Basket:
Episodes in: 3
One word: bromance;) Two words: fan art! And then 92 words after that: Not so big on sports, but pretty big on bishies, so hell yeah I’m watching this. The anime is about Kuroko and Kagami. Kagami plans to be the best basketball player in Japan, however, without Kuroko’s help, he can only be really good at it. Doesn’t really excite me but okay. Although, character interaction is really good, voice acting is great and artwork is fantastic, the storyline doesn’t really appeal to me. But I’d be crazy to pass up all this fan service. How overarching can a storyline about basketball get anyway?

Medaka Box:
Episodes in: 3
Just like the title reads: Medaka Box . . . or Medaka’s Box. MEDAKA’S FUCKEN BOX!! Yes it is an anime about a girl named Medaka and her box . . . and her sexy bishie friend – he’s just not as important because he’s not in the title. As the Student Council President, she has dedicated her life to the school 24/7 for 365 days. Any request a student may have goes in the box to be solved by the Student Council. At the momment, Hitoyoshi is the only other member, but I think I’ll stick around to see her new recruits until the day her garden of flowers is complete. Overall, I find the anime pretty funny. There are many things about Medaka that defies logic, but that makes it all the more enjoyable. :)
Natsuiro Kiseki:
Episodes in: 3
Natsuiro Kiseki was one I was initially looking forward to. With little to no info, the series showed signs along the lines of K-On! and Tamayura, however, with a supernatural twist. I was about to drop the series throughout the first episode because I found it pretty slow and boring, but its execution was enough to keep me interested. It wasn’t until the second episode that it managed to reel in many viewers(me included). It was unexpectedly funny and heartwarming. This is definitely one I will keep looking forward to every week.
Nazo no Kanojo X:
Episodes in: 3
For an anime about romance, it is very unique. For an anime that looks like it’s set in the 90’s, it is very beautifully animated. And for an anime about saliva . . . well, this is a first. For starters, the anime derives from a manga and it is about a boy who impulsively tastes a girl’s drool and becomes hooked on it. How that works? I don’t know. All I know is that it was incredibly awkward to watch and I found myself giggling throughout. Their romance does center around drool, but it does not miss a beat to progress their relationship. I am hooked on drool this anime. ;)

Click HERE for part 2!


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