Bleach Ch. 490

Oh typographical errors. :)

Alright, we are back with Bleach! And it looks like Ichigo is still fighting Opie while the Vandenreich move in on Soul Society. OMG!
Okay first thing is first – who the hell are the “five special weapons?” It looks like Ichigo is one of those five. Then who would be the remaining four? Oooh . . .
This chapter felt a little short to me, or was that just my desire for more Bleach speaking. ;) There was plenty of dialogue between Ichigo and Opie in this chapter and a lot of it regarded Uryuu. It looks like Opie knows a lot more about Uryuu than we thought.
However, he doesn’t say any more after refusing to believe that Uryuu is weaker than him. Does this mean Uryuu has some hidden abilities? It certainly raises the question. As you can see, Shinigami are not the only ones who can transform . . .
Wings?! oO


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