Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead 02 – 05 + OVA 2!

Welcome to my late coverage on Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 2! I am 5 episodes in and almost all anime this season have reached their half-way point, with #korezon being the exception since it’s only 10 episodes long(according to MAL). RAGE~!

I don’t know about you, but I like this season a lot more than the first. Many things, ranging from Ayumu’s fame as a cross dressing mahou shoujo, to Sarasvati’s affection of Ayumu’s butt, to Haruna’s and Maelstrom’s cursed dance, to that vampire-ninja maid café, have made this series all the worthwhile. However, my favorite thing was seeing Haruna’s relationship grow between Eu. My liking to Haruna has dramatically increased as well.

I find Haruna adorable. ^.^

I will probably talk a lot about episode 5 since it is what is freshest in my mind right now, but before that, I will take the time to discuss the second OVA that was recently streamed last week.

Like OVA 1, there is a lot of fanservice and more fanservice . . . probably more fanservice. I don’t remember much about the first OVA, but I remember it was hilarious! This one was just as fun, but it was so cute that Haruna was trying to bond with Eu . . . d’aww. And those neko ears = CUTE~!

Of course, I can’t help but know that this female bonding was just an excuse for yuri, but I thought it was cute.  Have your stinking fanservice you male otaku’s!  As for that butt incident . . . Ayumu’s butt is irresistible, I guess.  Sarasvati wants it, poles want it, I want it . . . who doesn’t?  Anyway, yea . . I enjoyed it.  Usually, OVA’s tend to suck or are purely fanservice, but this one was funny at least.  For promotional purposes, it did a good job.

And more yuri.

I am such a hater. We need more yaoi in this world. :P

Episode 5 was full of female bonding too lol. Haruna is like Eu’s big sister apparently and when things got bedridden for Eu, Haruna took care of the little munchkin. As a fellow awesome, mature, older sis, I can totally relate. Siblings can be a big pain in the butt, right Ayumu? a big responsibility. As for Ayumu, well he was being trolled by Shimomura and ended up doing NSFW things so I shall not display any screenshots of him doing those things. Instead, here is a pretty safe pic of Eu sleeping with Ayumu. Who doesn’t she sleep with?

In the end, Haruna gets sick because she was being so selfless with Eu that she forgot to take care of herself. But that’s okay because instead of one Eu, four Eu’s were there to take care of her. I love the idea of the three dere dere Eu’s. We don’t get much of Eu’s voice so it’s nice to hear her every once in a while.

Not much has been revealed about the plot and Kyoko, although it is slowly building up. Dai-sensei is one scary mahou shoujo! As for that drunken loli . . . well, she has been absent these past two episodes – probably getting drunk, so who knows what she will be contributing to the plot. Although, Sarasvati and Seraphim have been vaguely conversing over a monster of some sort. It looks like, starting next week, the series will undergo a more serious tone. But we all know how this ends, right?

P.S. I almost forgot about Shimomura who is also from the realm of the dead like Eu, but he seems pretty harmless and unless they decide to further develop his character, well, he’s purpose-less.

[Image Source: Zerochan]


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